Trump is Hamilton

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The left hates Trump, but loves Alexander Hamilton (the play and the man), which is ironic, since Hamilton is Trump's doppelgänger. Here's a list of a few ways they are similar.


  • Trump is the boorish offspring of a minor real estate fortune who has spent most of his life trying to buy his way into New York's old money aristocracy. Hamilton was the bastard progeny of a minor Caribbean merchant fortune who married his way into New York's old money aristocracy.
  • Trump is a trade protectionist. Hamilton invented the American school of trade protectionism.
  • Trump wants massive infrastructure expenditures on public works projects. Hamilton wanted massive infrastructure expenditures on canals, harbors, and roadways.
  • Trump wants to deport illegal immigrants and restrict pathways to citizenship. Hamilton was the architect of the Alien and Naturalization Acts of 1798, which empowered the president to deport illegal immigrants and restricted pathways to citizenship.
  • Trump wants to use libel laws to silence reporters who criticize him. Hamilton waged an extended libel lawsuit against Greenleaf's Argus, a New York newspaper that criticized him.
  • Trump views free speech that criticizes him as traitorous and insinuates it should be illegal. Hamilton used the Sedition Acts to deem newspapers that criticized him as traitorous and have their editors imprisoned.
  • Trump believes that illegal immigrants cost him the popular vote on election day. Hamilton accused Thomas Jefferson of winning the 1800 election with illegal immigrant voters.
  • Trump routinely makes militaristic threats to use the army to forcibly resolve political conflicts around the world. Hamilton deployed the army to shut down a minor whiskey tax protest that was already being resolved in the civilian courts.
  • Trump thinks hundreds of secret ISIS cells have infiltrated our borders and are about to carry out terrorist attacks. Hamilton thought hundreds of secret French Jacobins had infiltrated our borders and were about to foment a reign of terror.
  • Trump uses the distant threat of a war with China to drum up domestic support for tariffs, economic nationalism, and military spending. Hamilton used the distant threat of a war with France to drum up domestic support for tariffs, economic nationalism, and military spending.
  • Trump is a master of hiding massive amounts of debt and insolvency that accumulated from his companies' many bankruptcies. Hamilton created our first national banking system.
  • A video of Trump's salacious sexcapades was leaked to the media on the eve of his election. Hamilton's salacious love letters to his mistress, along with evidence that he had paid off her husband with money he laundered through the Treasury Department, were leaked to a newspaper prior to the 1798 congressional election.
  • Trump uses Breitbart to promote his political attacks and spread trashy conspiratorial rumors about his opponents. Hamilton co-founded the New York Post for the same purpose.
  • Trump routinely picks fights with politicians and celebrities on twitter over inane grievances about personal insults. Hamilton got himself involved in at least 10 different duels over petty insults and political disputes.
  • Trump brags that he could shoot a man in public in broad daylight and his supporters would still adore him. Hamilton tried to shoot a man in public in broad daylight, failed, and his supporters adore him for it over 200 years later.


If the NYC (and other) Democrats had any self-awareness, or awareness of the world around them, they'd either hate Hamilton, or love Trump -- but splitting their views on both just show that they're vacant cheerleaders for whatever causes the far left tells them to like.