Trump vs refugees

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Don't even get started on this canard, it doesn't end well for Democrats. Immigration is a highly complex issue, and not everyone against more of it, is racist or a xenophobe. Being anti-refugee isn't racist. Trumps position is too extreme for me, but protecting Americans of all races against mass immigration (which hurts the people on the bottom of the economy), or reduces migrants from places where they've stated they want to kill us (and we can't properly vet them), isn't racism. You don't have to agree with the policy, but at least admit Americanism/Nationalism isn't racism -- and if it is, the Dems are a lot worse than Trump on this one.

I actually support the risks of taking more refugees, but only if the Democrats will be honest to the American people, and do it eyes-wide-open. We will accept them, knowing that many Americans will die because of it, because that's who we are. But we will not lie to the public and pretend it's safe, that we can vet them adequately, or pretend that those who don't want to accept the resultant deaths are all racists. They aren't. We also will not lie that there are no consequences for allowing them in. We must admit that you can't adequately tell the good ones from the bad ones[4], so we're really debating about the balances between security and compassion (isolationism, or accepting the mass murders and terrorism that will come with accepting those refugees), not racism.

Trump and supporters just value their friends and families lives more than symbolic gestures, and have seen muslims ruin their own countries, and don't want to bring that here. If you call them racist for those reasonable positions, you immediately turn me off to your arguments as a fool or fraud.


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