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If you're like me, searching for an honest Democrat pundit... keep looking. Michael J. Stern's USA Today rant is a typical dishonest screed that is everything it accuses the other side of. It projects hating fair elections, hating his fellow Americans, hating America, and flinging hate and invectives at anyone who disagrees with his hypocritical brilliance. Basically, it's a typically far-left distortion of this country, then anger that not everyone is as much a delusional bigot as he is. Let's go through it point by point.

The article hits all the leftist dog whistles that turn on their emotions and turn off their brains, but not many appeals to logic or facts in there. In fact, the deeper you dig, the thinner the gruel becomes.

Matthew Shepard

The author starts almost cogent, ranting about extremely rare injustices of someone (Matthew Shepard) that was bashed because they were gay... and tries to blame it on Trump or Trumpism. [1]

Of course this is a bunch of lies of omission:

  • When did that happen and why don't isn't America distraught over it? Oh, it happened back in 1998 when Clinton was President. How is that Trump's fault?
  • If you have to go back 22 years to find an example of gay bashing, and America's apathy towards it, it's not exactly a common problem. And that's why people don't know of it, not because they don't care about gay people.
  • The very act of trying to tug at the heart strings of Americans by using a gay-bashing example proves that Americans do NOT approve of that behavior, or his complaint would have no teeth. The fact that he writes about to manipulate people is evidence of America's true character and that the vast vast majority do not want people assaulted because of who they are.
  • Oh, and there's a lot of dispute on whether it was a gay bashing murder in the first place... it was a robbery that went bad, and the guy's girlfriend said he did it because Matthew made sexual advances... because she thought it would help give them an excuse for the assault that lead to his death. But she recanted that, and the murderers never claimed that was their motive. One of the murderer was gay, the other hung out with gay men, so the it's not clear that it ever was gay bashing, just normal, evil, opportunism and hate.

Latino Hostility

Then Michael rants about how Latino Americans are uniquely told to "go home", "speak english" or "stay in Mexico"... well at least that does rarely happens. But again, the reason you can complain about it, is because most American's do not approve.

The rational recognize that with 330 million Americans, there's going to be at least a few assholes or bad exchanges. The fact that they are newsworthy when they do happen, shows how infrequent they are, and how intolerant (in general) we are to that shit. And we know that shit doesn't just happen to Mexicans... heck it happens to whites that are in the wrong neighborhoods as well, or foreigners of every country. That doesn't make it right, and I don't like any of it... but please, there's a different between selective racism and general assholishness.

You get dumber reading this guy. He's attacking all Trump supporters with the same broad brush of bigotry that he's complaining about when it happens to Latinos. Um, I have a problem when it is directed at anyone, not just select groups. Leave my Latino friends alone. But then again, leave my rural white Trump voters alone too.

More lies

His point is that because half of Americans voted for Trump, this is the problem. Only the bigotry against people who aren't like you, is demonstrated by this whole article and his contempt for Trump voters. We have met the enemy and he is us!?!?

He rants multiple leftist lies about what Trump hasn't accomplished:

  • Tax cuts for the wealthiest -- that helped the bottom and middle taxpayers more than the rich
  • fighting the promise of universal health care -- which isn't on the table. He's referring to Obamacare. Before Obamacare there were about 35 million uninsured or underinsured. After Obamacare, it's about 30 million. And how did they do that? By re-defining what uninsured means.
  • lethal mismanagement of a pandemic - and every misstep the left denounces Trump for, Biden and the Democrats were worse on
  • use of the Justice Department for political gain and a personal financial windfall — sounds like Joe Biden and Son to me, not to mention the Obama's and Clinton's. But he leaves that part out
  • He of course leaves out the biggest things like re-negotiating trade deals with better terms, peace in the middle east, getting us out of foreign entanglements, helping the economy by deregulating and reducing taxes, helping us become energy independent, and so on. Again, either ignorance that he doesn't know it, or lies of omission that he leaves it out.

Getting it backwards

The dimwit starts finally getting to his point... and laments the facts that the polls are wrong, and gets the reasons exactly ass backwards.

He thinks the reason the polls were off by up to 17 points is that Americans who support Trump are all bigots and they won't tell pollsters because they don't want their friends and family to know. That their silence is shame at being bigots.

The real reason that the polls were off, is because leftists are sanctimonious hypocrites and bigots. Conservatives and moderates are so tired of being attacked by the cancel culture fascists, that they'll just lie to avoid confrontation with the New KKK. Just like the old KKK -- rioting, vandalizing and terrorism... trying to create quotas and segregation. Only the color of the victims has changed.

So he identifies the problem -- but the lack of any self-awareness or introspection makes him get the cause as wrong as he possibly could be. These people know they're not bigots, but they know the Democrat Pollsters and cancel culture ARE! So they are silent because they are tired of idiots like Michael lecturing them on who and what they are, without the ability to listen... while simultaneously demonstrating that he's everything he claims to hate!

Final lies

Then in his final act of dishonesty Michael claims that, "Trump pronounced Tuesday night that he had won the election and demanded an end to vote counting in states where he is ahead, while simultaneously insisting that the count continue in states where he is trailing" and he "claimed" to have won several states before they were decided... and if you're a dimwitted USA Today reader, you might believe it.

If you're even slightly informed on what actually happened, it's that:

  • Trump complained about votes coming in AFTER the legal deadline. The law is the law, and he was mad that Democrat areas hadn't sanitized the voting roles, and weren't checking ID's, so one guy that was dead since 1984 voted. Another voter was born in 1850. And if the deadline was Tuesday, they shouldn't be taking more votes in on Wed. -- which is what Trump was complaining about.
  • In other areas, they were trying to declare victory for Biden with only 80% of the vote counted, and the 20% remaining were Trump friendly areas. Yeah, that's not a fair election, and he should complain.
  • Trump did claim he had won... just like Biden did, or Hillary, or Obama did. In Michael's indignation, he leaves the latter part out. That virtually all candidates claim victory before the full total is in.

In all cases Trump was consistently demanding a fair election that followed the rules and the law. The Democrats care about neither, and are still ranting that he appointed Supreme Court justices, like the law not only allowed, but gave him the duty to his voters to do. But Michael isn't mad because Trump was breaking the law -- just that he was having unconstitutional activists replaced by those that would defend the actual law of the land.


Trump is not caused by Fox News, just like Trump didn't cause the pandemic (or make it worse). Trump was a reaction to the bigoted left that called Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Dole, Bush, Romney, McCain and finally Trump, AND all their supporters Nazi's (autocrats), deplorable, Racist, Bigots, Sexists and homophobes... by the group that actually was acting like deplorable-racist-sexist-bigots and Brown Shirts.

It's not the right hiding from who they are that's the problem. They just finally relented to the fact that the biggest bastard in a fight sets the rules. Democrats had been setting the rules for 40 years, and Republicans decided to finally pick a candidate that would take the gloves off, and get in the mud with them and fight back... by their rules. Trump is a reflection of the left, and the left can't stand him almost as much as they don't recognize their mirror image.


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