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Articles of Impeachment: Because he hurt our feelings and violated Facebook community standards!
This is a faux scandal invented by the leftists and their media to distract from the fact that they aren't legislating, and to look for another excuse to impeach, after their 2 years of repeating the debunked Russian Collusion narratives fell apart.

Biden is caught on tape, admitting he did a criminal act and getting payola for his Son. Trump asks the Ukrainians to investigate whether that happened. The Democrats assume that's a high crime.

Examples: Ukrainegate : 2 items

Biden and Ukraine - The whole Ukrainegate started because Joe Biden is caught on tape, admitting he did a criminal act, by threatening Ukraine to fire a prosecutor which stopped a criminal investigation into his son, or he'd withhold $1B in U.S. aid. Ukraine fired that prosecutor, ended that investigation, and funneled $millions to his Son's company (and ultimately his Son. Who had no prior experience, and yet was hired and paid millions in bonuses for this fortuitous coincidence or payola). Multiple media outlets at the time noted it, but had little curiosity about investigative journalism (and the conflict of interest) or pushing this further.

Dems on Foreign Pressure - To hear Democrats tell it, by Trump asking Ukraine to investigate abuse of power by an America, is the same as pressuring them to do so. They would never do that. Other than: FDR (1940), Carter (1976), Carter (1980), Kennedy (1980), Kennedy (1983), Tip O'Neill (1984), Bill Clinton and Boris Yeltsin (1996), Hillary and Uranium One (2005-2016), Obama & Medvedev (2012), Joe and Hunter Biden (2014-), Obama Iran (2015), Obama Ukraine (2016), Obama, Hillary & the Steele Dossier (2016), Biden/Kerry pressured no Snowden asylum, just to name a few of the more public times. But other than those, this is the most outrageous thing they've ever heard of.


Memes-Ukrainegate : 9 items


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