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Vermont keeps electing Bernie Sanders. If that doesn't tell you enough of their stupid ideology, they started a program to pay people $10,000 to come there, where they will be taxed nearly that in a year (not counting moving fees). So a 1-2 year break-even is great for Vermont, if there's any rubes gullible enough to fall for that. I know some people I'd pay $10,000 to move to Vermont as well. A few of them would be happy to call Sanders their senator.


A few highlights (borrowed from friends):

  • Vermont has the 11th highest state and local tax burden in the country; average income taxes are $1,100 a year.
  • Property taxes are the 5th highest in the nation, averaging $2,500 per capita.
  • Sales taxes take in $600 a person.
  • Vermont's business tax climate is ranked 47th out of 50 by the Tax Foundation

So we're up to $4,200 a year on average.

By comparison, their next door neighbor (New Hampshire) has no income tax or sales tax: and it's state and local tax burden ranks 44th. Its business tax climate ranks 7th.

Maybe Vermont should focus on un-fucking its tax system, rather than gimmicky handouts for "up to 100" remote employees who are moving to the state anyway?


Written 2018.06.01