War on Science

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What is the mythical, "War on Science" really about? Money and corruption. The media and left wants an unlimited purse to funnel money to special interests and political supporters, posing as Scientists, in the name of science (e.g. use Science to further their alt-science agenda). And any attempts to reign ridiculous spending in, is attacked as being, "Anti-Science". But the rational know that when you mix science and politics, you get politics, not Science. So whenever you hear someone complaining that Conservatives are against Science, remember that means they're against politics masquerading as Science.


The National Science Foundation scientific research includes:

  • a climate change-themed musical ($700,000)
  • An investigation of tea party activity on social media ($919,000)
  • To study bicycle designs ($300,000)
  • Ancient Icelandic textile industry: $487,049
  • Ecological consequences of early human-set fires in New Zealand: $339,958
  • History of Chiapas, Mexico (350 B.C.-A.D. 1350): $280,558
  • Mayan architecture and the salt industry: $233,141
  • Do Turkish women wear veils because they are fashionable?: $199,088
  • How local Asian Indian politicians can improve their performance: $425,000
  • Lawsuits in Peru from 1600-1700: $50,000
  • National Institutes of Health has engaged in the funding of wasteful projects like $258,000 on a website for the first lady’s White House garden.

Each time the NSF or NIH funds one of these projects, that much money is getting sucked out of the economy (jobs/growth) and getting diverted from going to real science. And every time the Republicans try to control any of that, it gets labeled as political interference and an attack on science, and the gullible buy-in.

If you care about the war on science, the anti-science jihadi's are those who opposed reigning in this kind of waste, and that's the Democrats.

Written 1997.05.26 Edited: 2015.12.23