Was Charlottesville a False Flag effort?

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There's some conspiracy stuff, that Charlottesville was all a false flag effort by the far left. I'm not into conspiracy theories, but then we found out that the FBI was colluding with the DNC and the Russians to frame Trump in the Russia Collusion Hoax, or the DNC was paying thugs to disrupt Trump rally's and start fights. So while I'm not sure I buy this one until I see more evidence, there's some reasons to believe it. And the media suppressing this stuff, instead of exposing it, just feeds the conspiracies.

Why would the right think that?

  1. Because that is a normal tactic of the left
  2. there's some evidence it might have been (busses with both sides arriving in unison, evidence of that in the past by BLM and antifa)
  3. the organizer of the National Socialist rally in Charlottesville (Jason Kessler) was an Obama supporter and Occupy Wall Street activist
  4. even far-left hyper-partisan hate groups like SPLC admits there's some questions about his past
  5. the medias blatant partisan propagandizing in misrepresenting what happened

Stuff like that.

It doesn't mean it was real, or wasn't. I suspect there was some false-flagging by the left, and the media is disinterested in that. But that's not exactly a full blown conspiracy. I think this article gets it better, explaining how the left deluded themselves and the media deluded their viewers/readers. But it's more about propaganda and teaching their religion of hate, than a pure conspiracy to deceive. They all conform to a delusion, and believe anything that's said, it's not really a conspiracy as much as a cult.

So the Soros flock and the left believe any evil action by their side is justified (and can believe any bullshit they feed themselves and others), so a few will do things like this. And that the media is incompetent and partisan so won't report on it. But that doesn't mean that there weren't real Neonazi's, White Supremacists, and asshats out there on both sides that were sincere. Just some of the seeding or escalation had some paid propagandists and agendas. Scott Adams likened it to mass hysteria [1].

But whether you believe in it, or not. (Or how much). The facts are there's enough there, to convince many Trump supporters of what they want to believe: that the media is full of trolls and liars that are out to get the administration. And thus if Trump was impeached for something like this, it would have millions of people pissed off at the false-flag coup that the Democrats are trying to do (that started with tantrums the day they lost the election, if not before).

So the more the media (like CNN) puts out one side's propaganda and conspiracy theories about Trump being in cahoots with the White Nationalists, or sensationalizing things like this, while ignoring the worse that's happening the other way, the more divided we become as a country, between the half informed CNN watchers, and the fully informed (those that pay attention to what others are saying).

Charlottesville Race Riot
There's always two sides to History, that of the informed and the other side. The latter may be well intentioned, but if they don't know why something is happening, then their anger, frustration and venting is all misdirected at the wrong thing. Hate is taught, and the left is being taught hate through the media (disinformation). Just about everything the left has raged against (in Charlottesville) shows which side they're on, and it isn't truth. Especially the charade that the Trump is a racist and praised the Neo-Nazi's when he actively denounced them in his first Press Conference.



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