Who is the SPLC?

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They basically manage a hate-list for the far left and their media:

  • They were created by far lefties (Morris Dees and Joe Levin) to attack people who don’t follow their political agenda.
  • Their writings were immediately favored by the Communist Party USA's newspaper (People's World), because it aligned with Social Marxism.
  • They basically have two modes: (1) ignore or defend the left (defended violent marxists as “flawed freedom fighters”),[1] (2) attack and vilify the right (they list many non-violent conservative organizations as hate-groups if they are Christian, anti-Gay-Marriage, anti-Abortion, anti-creepy guys in women’s showers/restrooms). [2]
  • They have virtually no objective standards for vetting, quality control:
    1. soft right organizations like Family Research Council, Concerned Women of America, Coral Ridge Ministries, these are grouped in with the KKK, White Aryan Resistance, the White Patriot Party militia
    2. many things are debunked and stay on their list
    3. anyone that sincerely looks at the quality of their lists or questions them, is often added/attacked as well (by them or their proxies)
  • According to their own standards, they should be listed as a hate group
    • A domestic terrorist (Floyd Lee Corkins) even used their mislabelling of the FRC (Family Research Council) as justification to go in and shoot up the place.
  • Imagine a right-wing group that went around and:
    1. “monitored” anyone that didn’t pass their conservative litmus tests
    2. then labeled them as “hate groups”
    3. then tried to delegitimize them or get them fired from their jobs
    4. and some of their followers went and committed acts of violence in their name.
    5. then they exclude organizations like Black Lives Matters from being a hate group, despite far more acts of violence than happened in right wing organizations they list.

Their "hate map" was a tool not to stop hate, but promote it: just against the other side. [3]

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