Who needs an AR15?

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Asking "who needs an AR15?" is like asking "who needs free speech?". Why do you need your 1st, 4th or 14th amendment rights? If you're not doing anything wrong, you shouldn't need a right to privacy, and if you aren't saying anything wrong, then guaranteeing free speech is redundant.

Of course the reality is the opposite. You don't need to justify why you get to keep your rights/liberties, others have to justify why they should get to take them away. So the proper answer to that question is, "Because, fuck you, that’s why!” If you can take someone's AR15, then what moral ground to you have to prevent them from taking your cell phone, car, Internet access, alcohol, pets, or anything else that isn’t an absolute necessity.

If what they meant to ask was “why do you want an AR-15” or other “assault rifle”, not that’s a more reasonable question.

Jon Stokes covers it pretty well on his blog: https://medium.com/@jonst0kes/why-i-need-an-ar-15-832e05ae801c#.i6aoq2wf7


  • Most popular weapons started as military weapons, from lever action Henry Rifle, to your Grandpa’s 30.06 or Revolvers, and so on
  • The reason military weapons are popular is they’re cheap (relatively), highly reliable (designed for harsher conditions), modular/customizable
  • They are no more or less deadly than any other gun (more or less). Actually, most AR’s are smaller caliber and thus less lethal (see What is an assault rifle? for more on that )
  • If the AR was the indiscriminate killing machine that the media and idiocracy pretends, then why should cops and SWAT teams use them as their goto platform?
  • It is one of the best sporting, hunting and home-defense weapons out there, which is why it’s the #1 selling rifle


  • in war, it is often better to wound than kill (it takes multiple people out of the fight to save someone), thus it’s a smaller caliber and weaker than many hunting rifles for a reason (you can build up-calibered AR-30’s and so on)
  • it’s design change from older military rifles was to make it “more approachable” — have less recoil (spring and buffer tube), smaller/faster caliber, which makes it superior for younger shooters and females
  • in maintainability, it is mixed — it requires a little more maintenance than some weapons — but it’s also better documented and easier to find people who know them, as well as parts and accessories to customize them
  • familiarity — many people served, and they want the same gun they used in the service. Others want to learn on a platform that would make them more familiar with what they would be called to use, if asked to serve


In the end, gun owners shouldn't have to justify why they need permission to own the most popular hunting and sporting rifle in the nation. Anti-liberty advocates need to find very just cause before they can encroach on them. Since they can, or at least haven't had good reasons, any time in the past, they just go for emotional appeals to the uninformed to try to put two groups against each other (divide us based on understanding of issues, with the informed being for gun rights, and the uninformed voting against them).


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  • AR-15 is both a gun and a gadget


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History of AR15

First ad for an AR-15 (The American Rifleman, May 1962), it was being promoted for civilian use before the military adopted it. AR15.jpg