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New Hysterics with Jessica Yaniv (Trans-activist) involved being turned away at an OBGYN because they don't serve trans patients, and s/he cried discrimination. It is. But there's boy/girl/other.... and they might not have experience dealing with boy parts, as they're a girl part doctor. And worse is if they're partly in transition, that makes things a different specialty. What was Jessica looking for, a poop smear?

  • Q: What's the difference between a boy speculum and a girl speculum?
  • A: The smell

Jessica Yaniv

A trans-activist in Canada (previously known as Jonathan Yaniv) was trying to force women to wax his genitalia. Since one refused (they didn't offer Manzilians), he filed a complaint with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal citing gender identity discrimination, demanding financial restitution. The defendants pointed out safety concerns since testicles are different than women's bikini lines, but they couldn't afford the $20,000 it would take to fight the case, so it forced them to close their businesses, and JY celebrated the hostile act as a victory. It came out that s/he did that to 15 other estheticians, is a proud bigot that joined a women's gym to avoid dirty immigrants, and that s/he sent inappropriate tweets to early teenage girls, such as "show me your used tampon". Then he went one to harass people on twitter, and when they responded he cried trans-bigotry and got them banned: Meghan Murphy and Lindsay Shepherd -- while s/he gets to keep her account in gleeful bigotry. Yaniv was raided by the RCMP over concerns about being a predator posing as a trans person, as well as illegal weapons and running afoul of speech laws (with an anti-immigration rant). It couldn't happen to a nicer activist predator, that still qualifies for a blue-checked twitter account. S/he later lost a lawsuit against an esthetician showing that Canada might be nuts, but they're not fucking nuts. more...


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