06 Abortion: Why are they performed?

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94% of abortions are not for health of mother, fetus, or rape/incest. (And there's never a case where abortion improves the health of the fetus, and in late term birthing the baby is less risky for the mother than aborting it is).

While the abortion advocates will try to convince you that we need abortions for Health of Mother (2.8%), Health of Fetus (3.3%), or rape/incest (>1%), those are not what most abortions are done for (<6%). That means about 19 out of 20 abortions are just done for convenience: they could easily give the child up for adoption. That doesn't make convenience wrong, or mean I want to micro-manage others decisions: but the whole "medical necessity" or "rape/incest" canards are a fraud repeated by activists or the uninformed. We can keep it legal in those cases, and still eliminate 94% of abortions.


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