1921.05.29 Tulsa Race Riots

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After a bunch of race riots in northern cities (Chicago, etc.), a 19 yo black shoeshiner attacked a 17 yo white girl (elevator operator). Armed black men (some WWI veterans) rushed to the police station, to prevent a possible lynching, and confronted a white crowd. Shots were fired, and 10 whites were killed (2 blacks). With the help of the city government, mob violence exploded, and whites vandalized (burned) a black neighborhood, under the sniper fire of the black residents.

1921.05.29 Tulsa Race Riots

Whites, Government, KKK
Dead/Injured: ≈100-300/800
Weapon: Guns, Fire, Airplanes

A black guy assaulted a white girl, and the black community confronted a white mob, 10 whites were killed, and there was a major backlash (with the help of city government, and the KKK) to burn, shoot and cause mayhem back -- while black sniped intruders, leaving many dead and lots more injuries. Only to have this embarrassment swept under the rug by both sides for 75 years. ❌ Gun Control wouldn't have helped

❌ The government was on the wrong side of this one.

  • Politics: Racial: though the KKK was generally the militant wing of the DNC.

This was a time when Democrats KKK was about 5% of the population of Tulsa, Tulsa was a boom oil town, and there was still segregation -- and the black area of town was quite separate and distinct. Tulsa and history books often ignored this whole event, and it was re-popularized (or recognized) 75 years later.


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