1938 Hitler: Time Man of the Year

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While "Man of the Year" isn't always a good thing (and is about "impact"), the truth is that Time was sometimes fawning and positive about Hitler. It's like the old joke, "But he was great with Dogs and Children"... which might be true, but doesn't overshadow the other character and behavioral flaws that they chose not to dwell on.

Their record with Hitler was hit or miss -- with some strong misses. So I agree it is unfair to pretend that just because they made him "Man of the Year" that makes them bad -- but the articles were bad, because they certainly didn't offer the whole truth about the man, nor did they foresee what he was going to become. The same with the left and all their idols turned genocidal maniac: Pol Pot, Stalin, Castro, Che Guevara, Hugo Chaves, etc. The left is always shocked when power-hungry, central controlling, leftists/collectivists, turn out as mass murderers. If only they had the power, they could kill all the people that think that way and cure the problem.


Time Magazine was once a respected publication, but like all things: liberals ruined it. Once they took over, they destroyed "journalism" and replaced it with propaganda. So while good articles occasionally get through their editorial bias, it's strictly by accident, and usually not touching anything vaguely political. more...

Adolf Hitler

Just a few factoids about our least favorite fascist. more...


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