2013.12.12 Obama and Politifact share lie of the year

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From 2008-2013 Politifact rated Obamacare's "If you like your plan, you can keep your Health Plan" (or Doctor) promises as true, and rated everyone who called it untrue, as a liar (on their truth-o-meter). In 2013, they added a reader poll for "lie of the year", and while they didn't put that as one of the choices, so many readers wrote it in that they had to finally admit that it was a lie all along... and it was given the lie of the year (4 years late). But they didn't fix all the times they called anyone else a liar who had said it was false: in fact, they mislead people (lied) by linking back to some select articles where they had called other people a liar, by rating it as only partly true -- and didn't fix those articles. So they lied, then admitting the truth when it was too late, then lied about lying in the first place. And the only reason they admitted the truth (despite trying to bury it) was because of reader revolt making them admit it.

PolitiFact gives themselves lie of the year

  1. Politifact rated Obamacare's 'Keep Your Health Plan' promise as "True]" in 2008[1]
  2. In 2013 they rated it, "Pants on Fire" and "Lie of the Year]".[2]
  3. But then they lied about it by referencing the 2009 or 2012 articles where they rated it "half true"... which is half true, since they rated it completely true in 2008. [3]
  4. Then they "forgot" to point that out that for the last 5 years, they dinged Republicans dozens of times as "Half True" (or worse), for pointing out that Obama's "you can keep your plan" was proving to be false. And they didn't correct the record on any of those.[4]

So they were wrong (biased) about Obama in 2008, then biased in 2013 by not admitting their bias of 2008 and telling the whole truth about their history of that claim. They ignored that they impugned the reputation of politicians that were telling the truth they didn't want to hear, or that they were claiming a politician that was lying was telling the truth. But other than that, great fact checking guys.

In case the fact that they eventually corrected the record gives you some sense of vindication that at least they can eventually do the right thing, remember the context: they didn't even have "if you like your plan" as one of the choices on their poll. But so many readers complained that it was reluctantly added... and despite them trying to bury the lede, and then to their frustration, it won their reader poll. And by so much that they had to add it as their lie of the year.


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