2015 Obama and Iran

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Nobody worked with against our interests more than Obama. He wanted the Iran Nuclear Deal to offer some credence of success so:

  1. His Treasury Department secretly issued a special license allowing Tehran to convert $6 billion in Omani rials to dollars — a violation of still-in-force US sanctions. The deal fell apart only because US banks, with “better legal and moral sense than the Obama Treasury” refused to participate. Still, this was “subterfuge and secrecy objectively aimed at enriching an enemy of the United States” — in other words, “collusion.”
  2. Project Cassandra was tracked cocaine trafficking to the U.S. to Hezbolla's financing, and was ready to make arrests. But the Obama Justice Department got wind, obstructed the investigation, then tore the whole effort down, because it might interfere with the 2015 Iran nuclear deal that Obama wanted. That's covertly helping enemies of the U.S. and Israel, against our interests, AKA “collusion.”


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