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2017 saw the following:

  • Exercise: I walked XXX miles, and biked XXX miles. (I tend to walk 4 or 5 days a week to work). I went back to swimming as a bit of a work-out. While I started small (with like 20 x 25M laps, I quickly upped it to 40 (1K), 66 (1 mile) or 80 (2K) -- but doing the latter 2 started hurting my shoulder so I backed off to 50 laps as my work-out 4 days a week.
  • Travel: Vegas (Adobe MAX), SF a few times (Apple's WWDC, Google, various events), Orange County (Friends/Family for the Holidays), Melissa did Italy, Greece, France on a cruise.
  • Best Books:
  • Best Movie: A Monster Calls (2016)