2017.07 James Damore evidence tampering

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When Google employee James Damore’s memo on the company’s diversity programs and treatment of conservative views went viral, editors on Wikipedia began removing reliably-sourced parts of articles he cited to support his positions. When the truth doesn't favor the left, the left tries to erase the truth from History, like the little Stalins they are.


  • The article for neuroticism sparked an edit war, where the leftist invented standards beyond any, anywhere else on the site, and added lower quality refutations to weaken the point: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Talk:Neuroticism&oldid=794894314#Sourcing
  • After Breitbart called attention to the problem, those alterations calmed -- but they shifted to Ad Hominem'ing Damore's supporters instead. Libertarian philosopher Stefan Molyneux was attacked by labelling him “alt-right”, or "racist" for the crime of believing that James Damore might have had a point. And removing those labels were undone or re-added (despite no evidence supplied to it being truth). [1]


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