2018.02 South Korean Olympics

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There was fawning over the North Korean Brutal Dictator's (Kim Jong Un's) younger Sister (Kim Yo Jong) as the "Korean Ivanka", getting both the familial relationship, accomplishments and politics wrong (other than mass murder, prison camps, assassinations, and one of the most oppressive regimes in the world). Adoration for the North Korean Cheerleaders, giving state sponsored enthusiasm under the penalty of life in a work/prison-camp if they embarrass the regime. And forgetting to inform their readers of how serious this is for them, or reminding folks that fascist dictators could always put on big displays (like Greek Columns for their inauguration, or proclamations of stopping the Ocean's rise). And Vice President Pence's Olympic trip as a 'missed opportunity' for Korean diplomacy, which got much better under Trump than it was under Clinton or Obama.


Kim Yo Jong:

North Korean Cheerleaders:


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