2018.04.22 YETI Coolers

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In the wake of Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, YETI Coolers cut off ties to the NRA Foundation (the shooting sports division), but wouldn't say why (coincidentally timed with Delta and REI dropping the NRA). This somewhat dickish move, and the NRA's open letter, lead to backlash amongst shooting enthusiasts, many shooting their coolers for YouTube, and YETI's competitors stepping up their 2A support. Of course WaPo and Snopes "FakeChecked" by taking YETI's damage-control effort claim that they were just ending an old promotional program (that didn't apply to anyone else, they wouldn't fulfill outstanding orders, and doesn't explain the timing or lack of communication or remedy). The "Press" didn't wait for NRA's reply to that, which sounded a lot like: {cough:bullshit!}.

Of course if it was a mistake, YETI would have apologized, and re-instated a new program, or worked with the NRA to rectify it. I mean if it was a mistake, you'd just apologize and explain that you didn't mean it as a slight, but they can understand why the coincidental timing with Delta and REI might look bad. None of that happened, so the only people gullible enough to believe that lame excuse would be Snopes/WaPo folks. Wikipedia has no entry for this: lie of omission.

The NRA later issued a statement to not waste money by shooting or blowing them up -- just put an NRA sticker over the logo and keep using them.


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