2018.12.22 Govt. Shutdown

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The shutdown isn't FakeNews, but everything around it is.

  1. People were missing their paychecks since the start: they didn't miss their first one until Jan 14th
  2. That when Govt. shuts down, it is always the Republicans fault -- this is the Democrats shutdown.
  3. This would cause catastrophe, and exaggerated stories of suffering (that few would notice without the fake medias histrionics). But the stock market is up, and most people don't care.
  4. They hammered Trump because his approval ratings dropped -- skipped the part where Pelosi's (Dems) dropped even more.


The Democrat and their medias position on this is (a) when Obama blows up a signed deal, and Reid won’t bring a vote to the Senate floor, and there’s a shutdown, it’s all the Republicans fault, but (b when the Democrats who voted for fence spending under Obama, Bush, Clinton and Bush, won’t vote for less under Trump (just for spite/politics), and so McConnell won’t bring it to the floor, it’s all Republicans fault. If Democrats didn't have double standards, they'd have no standards at all.

There's a lot of red faced blah blah about how the same thing is different because the parties are reversed. But the facts are that the Wall was part of the 1986 promise the Democrats made: amnesty under Reagan for a Border Barrier. You can read all about The Wall and this fight, but the facts are that the Democrats spent the last 35 years promising it on one hand, and undermining it on the other. Which is why we're still having this fight today. So it doesn't matter if it is effective or not (it would be more effective than not having it), it matters if for just once in our lives, we can force the Democrats to live up to their promises. Any histrionics over Trump extortion that ignores the history of the 35 year border fight, is FakeNews.


  • Trump stayed in DC during Christmas, and the whole time. Democrats ran off on vacations and political junkets and don't care.
  • Trump keeps making offers and trying to get to a deal, the Democrats keep shooting them down before seeing them: they do not want a deal. They say "end this and trust that we'll do the promise we've broken for the last 33 years"
  • The Democrats lie and call this extortion: nope. Any deal takes both sides -- the dems won't deal. If the Dems compromised, there would have been a deal. As soon as the media starts holding Democrats accountable for that, the deal will be made. So the reason this is happening is because of Democrats.
  • Democrats, who have taken over the House of Representatives after the November 2018 mid-terms, have insisted they will not give Trump ($5billion) he says he needs, after claiming they care about our border (they don't) and giving Obama, Bush and Clinton $50B for the same thing. (Note: they always figured out how to divert the funds away from the Fence/Wall promise, after making it).

National Emergency?

Border security was enough of a national emergency that Clinton declared it one (Bush and Obama did too) — back during the drug war, when the drug and illegals problem was smaller. Because Trump threatened that he might do the same (with far more justification), the Press is having histrionics.

For the last 2 years, they've been saying what a humanitarian, drug, immigration crisis we have on our border -- but because Trump wants to consider combatting it through the same means as the last 3 Presidents, the far left (and their Press) is suddenly painting it as "not a crisis".

The wall might not be how I would have spent my political capital, and it might not be the best use of money — but that doesn’t matter. The President promised it, he has to do everything he can to try to live up to his promise. I respect that more than just ignoring or reversing his promises like Obama/Clinton did. And there’s no legitimate reason for the party that’s never cared a lick about spending other people’s money (and burned through over $9 Trillion during Obamas terms) gets to whine about $5B on this. Other than political pettiness and anti-Americanism.

Of course it can be defeated, but it cut these incursions by 90%+ where it’s been implemented. And while not perfect, that is better. So while the desert path isn’t where most illegals come from, it is where the worst illegals and smuggling comes from. And this is only one aspect of a larger plan. You can’t support a porous border (oppose the wall) and not support the consequences of having a porous border: which is human trafficking, drug trafficking, crime, and backlash against immigrants.


What if you had a shutdown and nobody cared? If you have to make news out of something that isn't impacting people significantly, then you might be FakeNews.

  • Richmond Times Dispatch is begging people to contact them with stories of how their passport might have been delayed so they can hype something that nobody cares about
  • Florida Democrat Kathy Castor is sending out press releases of a desperate constituent who is worried that the shut down might mean that the IRS's normal error-ridden misinformation might not be up to date. Oh the Humanity!
  • New York City Democrat Bill de Blasio warned his city that it'll be all right and lamented that the food stamp recipients would see their February benefits released early
  • Bangor Daily News noted that the SBA (Small Business administration) was shut down, but they give out few loans to that area, and have been a boondoggle for decades.
  • About the most serious was in Louisiana, because the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau is shut down, they can't get new beer labels approved
  • media sensationalized National Parks shutting down, but that's evidence why they should be run by the state's the land belongs to [1]

The Democrats/media had hyped that this would practically be the end of civilization. In the meantime, the stock market is up ≈10% in the first month of the shutdown. Some of that is coming off of a correction, but the point is that it isn't exactly Mad Max out there. If this keeps going on, it might just teach a generation how we thrived for 150 years without big government (it wasn't until the 1930's and later that we accepted this much federalism). Life goes on, and is arguably better. [2]


Democrats said they wanted money for technology, humanitarian aid, immigration courts, DACA/TPS, so Trump offered:

  1. $805 million for technology, canines, and personnel to help stop the flow of illegal drugs, weapons and other contraband... that the democrats claim they want (even in Nancy-pants rejection letter)
  2. $800 million dollars in humanitarian assistance, medical support, and new temporary housing...that the democrats claim they want (even in Nancy-pants rejection letter)
  3. $563 million to support our immigration court system, including hiring 75 new immigration judge teams to reduce the immigration court backlog of 800,000 cases... that the democrats claim they want (even in Nancy-pants rejection letter)
  4. DACA for 700,000 illegal immigrants... that the democrats claim they want
  5. TPS coverage for 300,000... that the democrats claim they want

Democrats rejected it before even reading it. And said, "no deal". They do not want to help DACA kids, they're having a tantrum until they get their way: no money for National Sovereignty, "walls are immoral". Except the ones they put around their homes and offices, of course. [3]

Governing by Poll

The FakeNews was running around touting how the Trump was getting hammered in this, and his approval ratings were dropping... but they skipped the part where Pelosi's approval rating was lower and dropped more. Kind of important context, don't you think? [4]


The longer the Democrat Leadership fights this, the more their true colors come out: as anti-American politico’s that don’t care how many people have to die for their re-election. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that a Republican is finally as douchey as a Democrat and giving the Democrats a taste of what they’ve done since Wilson. Every one of them.

I went from not voting for Trump last time, to each lie, or venom spitting tirade from the left, convincing me that I should vote for him next time. As long as the Democrats refuse to own their own actions, then rubbing their nose in it, using their own standards, is delicious. That he’s doing it to make the U.S. slightly safer, and making the media show their own bias and hypocrisy by opposing him? All the better.

The more they rant against him, for doing this stuff back to them (and not recognizing their reflection in the mirror) — the more likely I will gleefully vote for the guy that gives the bullies a taste of their own medicine.


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