2019.01.24 MAGA same as KKK

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Far left Cuomo let far-far-left James Barrett say that MAGA hat is frustrating because it's "as maddening and frustrating and triggering for me to look at as a KKK hood." MAGA folks have not lynched anyone like the militant arm of the DNC (the KKK) has. Quite the opposite, like in the Covington case, they were the polite and civil ones, the media and the far left allies were the caustic bullies sending death threats.

While the showhost didn't say it himself, it is the moderator/newsman's job to call bullshit or question extreme statements -- not giggle or titter at them, or let offensive things go unchallenged. And if you think they're non-partisan, imagine if someone said, "A Gay Pride", "CodePink" or "Pussy Hat" or "Black Lives Matters hat" makes them think of the same thing: CNN and host would be rightly all over calling them on that bullshit -- even though those causes have more history of disruption or violence than MAGA folks. Double-standards = FakeNews.


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