2019.02.15 Domineque Ray Execution

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The ACLU and Medium team up to lie (FakeNews) about an execution. Their claim is that a man was executed without allowing Muslim Clergy present, while Christian Clergy would have been allowed and freedom of religion or equal access was denied. The facts are that Alabama had a policy that only volunteers are allowed (no matter their denomination). But a repeat child rapist/murderer appealed this at the last second to try to get his personal Imam allowed into the room, and the reasonable side of the court called bullshit -- and the left side of the court pretended it was about religion/equal access.


From a quick scan of the actual case and looking at what the ACLU left out of their disinformation. Here's what actually appears of have happened: (1) The execution for the rape and murder of children has been on the record for a decade, there was plenty of time to appeal the process, if the guy had a problem with it. Instead, his lawyers waited until a few days before the case to appeal it. (2) The Far Left ACLU misrepresented what happened and why: serious lies of omission (the same with Kagan's dissent). (3) The Prison allows their volunteers to be in the chambers. If the Imam or others had volunteered at the prison, he could have gone in. (4) The prisoner appealed that his personal spiritual advisor (not one of the volunteers) be allowed. And they said, that's not their policy. (5) The constitutional side of the court said this was an obvious stalling stunt done at the last minute. And far-left side decided that common sense doesn't matter, and that they should make it about freedom of religion because they obstruct death penalty cases-- when this was a process appeal, and not about freedom of religion at all. Muslims ARE allowed to volunteer at the prison -- so it's not denial of access for his religion, it was a denial that they should change their policy to allow HIS personal advisor in, instead of one of the Prison's volunteers.

Even if you don't agree with the decision (or policy), it's far different from what the ACLU and medium presented in their FakeNews propaganda pieces. I found a Wall Street Journal article that concluded the same thing as I had figured out on my own (before reading it).


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