2019.02.25 NRA Magazine Cover Triggers Dems

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❄️ An American Rifleman’s article/photo gets dems in a hissy (like that's something new). What was the big offense of the NRA Magazine made? It used a photo of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats, including former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, next to an article titled: "Target Practice - Congressional Democrats target gun owners for persecution with extreme firearm transfer bans.” Since Democrats can't read the second line (or assume their supporters can't), they melted down and claimed this was a call for violence against these poor innocent fascists. No rational person would believe that.


Giffords was shot by a far left supporter (Jared Lee Loughner), that the Democrats first tried to claim was a Republican because his favorite book was the Communist Manifesto, he hated Bush, and loved John Kerry. But Sarah Palin had once run a campaign flyer with a target on it, targeting Gabby's district -- as Democrats had done to Republicans on other occasions. The Dems complained that Palin was the cause of the shooting and had incited Loughner (who used a pistol, not a rifle with a scope). Loughner said he'd never seen the flyer. The DNC claimed that their fliers don't count because standards are only for Republicans.

In the end, Sarah Palin sued the NYT for defamation for repeating that story years after their own news pages had admitted that it had nothing to do with the shooting. But a NY Court (Democrat Judge) held that incompetence is a valid defense at the Times. The fact that their own writers hadn't read their papers own stories debunking their hate-claims against Palin, was considered a valid defense against competence/standards.

I suspect folks like that would be outraged that the NRA might target gun laws that target their rights and liberties, and never read the subheading or article. The rest of us? Just point at them and laugh at their igno-hypocrisy. Just their daily dose of hypocritical outrage and missing the actual point.


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