2019.03.03 Dog Walking

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Performance "artists" (activist group called Indecline), did this event they called "Hatebreed", where “men and women of color and members of the LGBT community” placed leashes and custom made dog collars on white men in red M.A.G.A. hats (all named “racist white man”), and walked them on all fours up and down Hollywood Boulevard.

Inspired by Cardi B’s Twitter battle where he told a right-wing pundit (Tomi Lahren), “Leave me alone, or I’ll dog walk you". If you don't think this is offensive, imagine it was a bunch of white guys walking minority LGBT folks and treating them like dogs.

Of course the left has no ability for introspection, so they won't get the irony, hypocrisy, or offensiveness of their behavior. Or they will think it is ironic, when it isn't -- as virtually no white conservative male would do that. It's just the left imaging the worst the other side, then using their fevered imaginations as an excuse to be worst and first. Then get outraged at anyone doing things 1/50th as obnoxious.


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