2019.03.06 Stacked Panel

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Not satisfied with giving their preferred candidate debate questions in advance, CNN also makes sure their "panel of Democrat voters" are filled with 50% far left activists. Not disclosing that is dishonest propaganda that would get an F grade in any J-school in the country (and this was the 3rd time in recently history). Fortunately, CNN management and their viewers don't hold them to any journalistic standards.

While CNN pretends to have a panel of average voters, 1 had run for congress and lost (and was an active Bernie supporter), two others organized busses for the far left hate rally: the Women's March and part of the #Resistance movement. The results are all 6 of the panelists said they thought Joe Biden was done and preferred the far-left illiterate AOC (Ocasio Cortez). While polls of Democrat voters show Biden is the front runner as the most moderate.

This is worse, because they got slammed before for stacking a panel, twice:

And the lack of judgment in disclosure on both. Showing they a reluctant to learning.


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