2019.04.11 Photos of guns are criminal

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To show how absurd the leftist PC movement is getting in our schools, two male students (Lacey Township High School, New Jersey) did a weekend run range trip and posted non-threatening photos to Snapchat, with the caption, "if there's ever a zombie apocalypse, you know where to go." Not at school, nothing about tthe school, and they auto-deleted (24 hours) before the school was aware. So they were suspended for 3 days and given detention. The ACLU did a good thing and filed suit. That was a step too far, even for them. They haven't changed their deluded view that the 2nd is the only Bill of Rights Amendment that wasn't intended for the people (individuals), despite clearly saying it was (both in the amendment and writings of the authors/ratifiers), so they're only protecting the students 1A rights, not 2A rights. Which proves they're not a pro-constitution or pro-civil rights organization, but they will protect some of them, in some cases.


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