2019.04.12 Illegal Immigrants over Veterans

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The DNC has become the party of disingenuous one liners and hate. The right is responding with similar zingers, just a bit more fact based. Like the case where NY Democrats approved giving $27M of state taxpayers money in tuition aid for illegal immigrants under the premise, "don't come here, or we'll pay you handsomely out of the taxpayers pockets". Then a week later the Republicans in the state said "fine, if you're giving to illegal immigrant alien tuition, how about to Gold Star families (children of deceased and disabled military veterans) to the tune of 2.7M (1/10th)?" Democrats said, "No way!", and blocked the bill. That's not good optics because it lets you see what the Democrats really feel about all involved.

Issue Lie Truth
Illegal Immigrants over Veterans Democrats give $27M to illegal aliens for subsidized tuition. Democrats block giving $2.7M (1/10th that) to Gold Star families (children of deceased and disabled military veterans).


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