2019.07.16 Ukraines Supreme Court

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Real Communism has never been tried? Fuck off!

Ukraine's Supreme Court has upheld a law that equates Communism to Nazism, and bans the dissemination of its symbols. The law has prompted angry protests from Moscow, but the court said the "communist and Nazi regimes" used similar methods of "implementing repressive state policies, "and attacked "freedom of the press, opinion, or conscience." The differences between revolutionary socialism and evolutionary socialism (Fascism) are indistinguishable to its victims.


Fascism is overloaded (means different things to different people/groups), with a brutal history, so no one wants to be associated with it. Thus the side that it came from is going to do everything they can to obfuscate and pretend it came from "others". But fascism is more than an ad hominem attack: we can clarify conflicting meanings, and look at real history and motives. Just know that while some of us can handle the truth, reasonable intellectuals aren't usually found on internet forums or Facebook feeds. more...


Communism is just Revolutionary or Radical Socialism. Fascism is just Socialism with indirect control over the means of production. (E.g. businesses are proxies for the party, as long as they remain compliant). There's a bunch of debate about irrelevant nuances between Communism versus Socialism -- but the major ideas, and outcome is the same. (By using businesses as proxy for the state, there's a little bit more variances in fascism). Communism and Fascism seem more likely to coalesce around a single central authority figure (Leader) to enforce equality and Socialistic policies. more...


Socialism has been the most tried, and most failed government system, next to it's older brother (Tyranny). There have been many, many communes (cults, utopias). Some were small (like Zoar, Ohio), others were large (USSR, China, Nazi Germany, etc). Virtually all of them ended poorly. more...


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