2019.08.17 Elderly man beaten

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In Oregon (of course), a middle-age man was maced, beaten and knocked unconscious while his partner or spouse was trying to protect him from the Antifa mob that surrounded them. They vandalized busses, and other stuff as well. Much of the media reported this as peaceful, or that it was provoked by a far right radical group for existing/speaking. But in a country with free speech, that should be defended, and the violence against them should be condemned, not the other way around -- like CNN and other left outlets have done.

In a caustic interview, FakeNews CNN spins this as the far right (Proud Boys) versus the peaceful left (Antifa). But while I don't know much about the Proud Boys, as near as I can tell, they're a bunch of folks saying they're not going to be suppressed by the violent left, and they support more immigration controls. They have peaceful marches and say a few things, then Antifa attacks them and everyone else, and has a message that everyone who doesn't agree with them deserves to be beaten down.

I understand why that make Antifa left wing... but if standing up to bullies, defending the 1A (Constitution) and enforcing our immigration laws is far right, then I might be far right as well. Pre-Obama that used to be the message of the moderate right and left as well.

CNN claims, " a lot of people see the message as one of intolerance, xenophobia, racism" <- that's not journalism, that's activism. But fine... how does the spokesperson respond?

Proud Boys, "we didn’t antagonize anybody, we — we held our hands in prayer, we bent a knee, and then we went ahead and left. We said our message with zero violence."... "I’m a person of color, I’m Cuban, right. My family, two of my family members got killed in Castro’s regime. When you join our ranks, we don’t ask you what race you are, what religion you are. We have liberals in [our ranks]..."

So CNN labels them White Nationalists or supremacists? I'm not seeing a white only message in there.

CNN goes on, "You call yourself a male chauvinist".... Proud Boys disputes that and says, "western chauvinist".... and goes on to define it as, "somebody who’s patriotic and extremely proud of their country. You tried to twist my words and say that my group is male chauvinist … There’s a big difference" And then it devolves into CNN claiming that since it's a "boys club" that chauvinism was implied, but ignores the point that there are Women's groups that don't allow men.


That's what's posing as journalism over at CNN.

  • They called it a white nationalist group, yet they had minority spokesperson and are inclusive of race
  • They called it a male chauvinist group when they never referred to themselves as that, and defended themselves quite well
  • CNN has run fawning pieces on Antifa, while ignoring their primary message (bash the fash) is as anti-American (first amendment) as it gets.


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