2019.11.27 Thanksgiving conversation starters

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You can't make up something this insultingly stupid, but the ACLU tweeted ways to ruin Thanksgiving with:

Some of our personal favorite Thanksgiving conversation starters:

πŸ’¬ "My pronouns are…"
πŸ’¬ "Firing people for being LGBTQ is illegal and Trump asked SCOTUS to change that"
πŸ’¬ "Who loved Pose season 2?"
πŸ’¬ "Please pass the pie, and the Equality Act"

Any douche that starts a Holiday conversation with those, should be thrown out of the house. And anyone that suggests starting conversations with those should not be let in.

A once reliable non-partisan Civil Liberties organization, they devolved to first be spotty (issues based), and now are more likely to align with the DNC than with civil liberties. You can't be for minority rights and not for individual rights, as the smallest minority is one -- yet, when given the choice, they often choose collective rights over individuals, use racism to fix racism (affirmative action), and ignoring parts of the constitution they don't like.



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