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The American Meteorological Society (AMS) has looked at Climate Change positions amongst its 13,000 members, 4 times, this is what they concluded:

  • 2017 Survey - they found 500 peer reviewed papers that showed deep skepticism on the consensus view (500 in 2016 alone, 1,000 for the prior 3 years). For there to be a 97% consensus, there would have to have been 20,000 peer reviewed papers published in 2016 (there weren't), and all of them would have had to been on Climate Change (they weren't), and the entirety would have had to agree with the consensus view (they don't).
  • 2016 Survey - 67% of 4,092 participating members believe Climate Change is mostly due to man, 33% think Climate Change is natural or they don’t know.
  • 2011 Study - of the 89% of members that think Climate Change is happening: 59% thought humans were primary cause, 11% felt man & nature were equal contributors, 23% felt not enough is known to say. Less that 1% of the member that though it was happening and would be harmful felt it could be prevented through mitigation and adaptation measures.
  • 2009 Survey - 76% disagreed with the IPCC claims that climate change is "mostly man’s fault", 81% felt that the climate models were unreliable, 55% agreed that “global warming is a scam”.

2017 Kenneth Richards Survey

2016 Survey about climate change

2011 Study of a CICCC position (Committee to Improve Climate Change Communications)

7,062 voting members were sent a detailed survey, 1,862 responded (>26%). 52% (968) had Ph.D’s. (the rest Masters), 41% had published in peer-reviewed journals in the last 5 years (over half on Climate Change specifically), Liberal respondents significantly outnumbered conservative respondents (48% vs. 21%). To compare AMS to the NAS (National Academy of Sciences), the NAS position of “definitive indication of global warming consensus” was based on the opinion of 23 people, only 5 of which had Ph.D.’s, 5 were staffer for Environmental Activist Organizations. That one got press for it’s credibility. The AMS has 200x the Ph.D., and as many Masters Degreed Scientists (with far more publication credits). The press prefers to quote from the NAS position than AMS.

2009 Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society survey

This survey found that:

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