Arizona SB-1070

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In 2010 the Obama Administration was violating immigration law, the Constitution, and the oath of office, by ignoring or being lax on immigration. So Arizona passed a law that said they should enforce federal law (that the Obama administration wouldn't), called SB-1070. Democrats and Californian's lost their nut... how dare a state enforce federal law, they said. They called it racist, sexist, xenophovic and homophobic, along with other words they obviously don't know the meaning of.... only California had the same law on their books.

Body of the law

This Arizona law is horribly racist for saying exactly what the federal law says about asking for papers. Look at this racism:

  • (a) Every law enforcement agency... shall fully cooperate with the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service regarding any person who is arrested if he or she is suspected of being present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws.
  • (b) With respect to any such person who is arrested, and suspected of being present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws, every law enforcement agency shall do the following:
    • (1) Attempt to verify the legal status of such person as a citizen of the United States, an alien lawfully admitted as a permanent resident, an alien lawfully admitted for a temporary period of time or as an alien who is present in the United States in violation of immigration laws. The verification process may include, but shall not be limited to, questioning the person regarding his or her date and place of birth, and entry into the United States, and demanding documentation to indicate his or her legal status.
    • (2) Notify the person of his or her apparent status as an alien who is present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws and inform him or her that, apart from any criminal justice proceedings, he or she must either obtain legal status or leave the United States.
    • (3) Notify the Attorney General of California and the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service of the apparent illegal status and provide any additional information that may be requested by any other public entity.

Oh wait, my mistake, that's not Arizona's SB 1070, that's 90 Section 834b in the California Penal Code [1]. It's easy to get them confused, as it reads almost exactly like Arizona's law. But that didn't stop the hypocrites in California from screaming that Arizonan's were all bigots for enforcing federal laws, or the same law that California had on their own books. And the left-stream media did nothing to educate the Californian's on their hypocrisy.

Supreme Fraud

SB-1070 (and the rule of law) lost in the Supreme Court[2] when the activist side of the court, struck down the salient part of the law.

Those fraud-judges, that found the doctrine of “preemption” applied. This was an idea that hadn't been used or ruled on since 1819’s McCulloch v. Maryland[3], and said that federal law reigns supreme over state law, and states may not enforce laws that frustrate federal policies.

The problem is that Arizona was trying to enforce federal policy (as in law), it was the Obama administration that was choosing NOT to enforce the Federal Law... and Arizona enforcing the law as passed, was thwarting Obama's efforts to play king, but not the Federal law at all. But the progressives never let logic get in the way of their political agenda.


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