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Started as a penal colony, Oz, as it is sometimes abbreviated, is a wonderful place, with wonderful people, and flora and fauna that all wants to kill you. Like Canada, they are far to the left of America: which means they don't REALLY understand what made America great, and they have a miseducated populous that thinks the way to Social Justice is by the collectivism taxing and regulating everyone else into utopia. In the name of freedom, of course.


I was applying for Australian citizenship and the interviewer asked, "Do you have a criminal record?"
I replied, "No. Is that still required?"
I didn't pass. Apparently a sense of humor is a disqualifier.

Australia : 3 items

U.S. vs Australia - Crime/Murder -
Australia took away guns and had a decrease in gun murder/crime/suicide, with a larger increase in murder/crime/suicide overall. Decades later they are down in murders and suicides, but not by any more than the U.S, or trends that started 30 years before the gun ban. They’re up in Violent Crime, Robbery, Rape and aggravated assault by much more. Their mass murderers moved to burning down buildings (with rates about flat). So they spent $500M, still have 3M illegal guns in their country., and higher violent crime: I’m not seeing the win.

Australian Mass Murders -
While FakeNews outlets (such as USA Today) promote the fallacy that since Australia violated everyone's civil liberties and got rid of guns, that the place is a utopia (no more mass murders). Of course we know the basics of their crime/murder rates, versus the states, and what a fallacy that is. (Their crime/murders dropped less than the U.S. over the same time, and they have more guns than ever in that country: just now all most of them are illegal). This article just focuses on Australian Mass murders -- and that things aren't all ice-cream and lollypops in the land of Oz, and those places omitting their murder-by-fire, or many shootings (or omitting that their trends have gotten worse, not better) are propagandists and not news agencies. Below is just a sampling.

Australian Fires -
The media loves to sensationalize the Australian fires and blame them on Global Warming. Facts?
  • The latest 50 years are wetter than the prior 50.
  • 40% of fires are deliberately lit and 47% accidental: thus 87% are not Climate but manmade.
  • 183 people have been arrested for lighting 103 of the bushfires over the last few months.
  • Australia's firebug problem scaled up after gun confiscation (or in spite of gun control) and new poor land management polices.

Hey Climate, you're doing it wrong. The truth is that it's more a consequence of Gun Control (crime control) and poor land management.


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