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Bernie is wrong about everything (economic).

  • He loves citing the Gini Coefficient: this is a long debunked junk-science metric invented by Corrado Gini, who literally wrote the book on The Scientific Basic of Fascism. If it's wrong and proven false, Sanders is even worse than Elizabeth Warren at regurgitating hit.
  • The falsehoods about Sexism, War on Women, Gender Wage Gap Myths, Keynesian Spending, Minimum Wage, the discredited "evaporating middle class" (because the middle class moved into the upper classes), and so on.
  • If it's dumb, disproven and untrue, then Bernie and his supporters will be repeating it.
  • If you want to know what Bernienomics would look like, just follow what of the people he celebrated:Hugo Chavez. They have the same policies. And look what happened to Venezuela. [1]
  • He claimed, "China Has Done More to Solve Poverty Than ‘Any Country in the History of Civilization’"... other than the 40M they starved to death and killed, no to mention the imprisonments, beatings, and "re-education". How did they solve it? By embracing fascism: Totalitarian Socialism-Capitalism hybrid. But other than being one of the worst human rights abusers on the planet... [2]
  • People talk about his "integrity", but you can't pay for 1/10th of his programs by just eating the rich. And once you do that, you crush investment and growth. So you have to raise taxes on the middle class, and bankrupt the nation. Everyone is equally poor... like Cuba, Venezuela, or his other idyllic places. Thus, he's either completely incompetent and can't do 8th grade math and should be disqualified -- or he's bald face lying. [3]

Ted Cruz flattened Bernie with his retort against the China ended extreme poverty quip:


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