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Bias is the more Politically Correct term for FakeNews, Liars, Frauds, double-standards and so on. This area has articles that stress things that aren't quite the whole truth, if not outright hypocrisy.

Of course, I have a bias myself -- and my goal isn't to present both sides of everything. I trust that people know the "popular" or common understanding of things presented, so I often shortcut or omit that, and tend to focus on more the other side of the story (the less often heard), or the ones that make these organizations/people/stories look less than 100% credible. The goal in counter-balancing the myths isn't to just ad hominem the sources, it is to dilute the fallacies of either Cult of Popularity or Cult of Celebrity. To encourage people to be skeptical of all sources, and recognize when either side might not be telling the whole truth, or leading by example.

⚖️ Of course everything has a bias, but these are some of the biased organizations that I'm tracking things on.

⚖️ Of course everyone has a bias, but these are some of the biased people that I'm tracking.

🚫 Extreme bias (when you should have known better), goes beyond bias and becomes lies, frauds or fakes. This is about those fakes, and the faking fakers that fake them.