Biased Programming (Showtime)

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Some examples of biased programming include:

  • Homeland - while it started interesting and the critics love its "moral ambiguity" that's code for, it makes the terrorists into not so bad guys, and the Americans/Soldiers into not-so-good guys.
  • Who Is America? - took potshots and Dick Cheney and employed anti-American Sasha Cohen
  • Our Cartoon President - is Colbert and Showtimes satirical hatefest against Trump. It's crime is that it's not funny at all. I mean Trump is the Grand Wizard at a white-power rally. The only people that are amused by this are puerile idiots.
  • Shameless - has had half a dozen embarrassing episodes.

These are just a few of the dozens of cases where stupidity isn't just slipping by, it's being pushed in as propaganda.


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Who Is America?

Our Cartoon President