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  • Guns - A few coastal Californians are ignorant of guns, and thus hate them, and if they don't like/want them, then nobody can have them. They will use any technique to harass legal gun owners, and violate the second amendment, lose in court, then imagine up new (and impossible or expensive to comply with) laws to harass the gun owners -- knowing it'll take 5-10 years to get that bad law repealed. In the name of tolerance, and carrying the false flag of "reasonable" gun laws. Their idea of reasonable gun laws include:
    • They invented a "roster" of approved guns, to charge gun makers exorbitant fees (to get and stay on), it requires custom versions that offer no added value, and every minor variant requires re-qualification (even changing the color). The results of the roster were many guns (newer, better and safer) couldn't be easily gotten, unless you were law enforcement (or given to you by your parent/child). Which means Californians can get off-roster guns, from cops acting as gun runners for a 50%+ premium [1]
    • Microstamping - since some guns were still compliant with the roster, California added a new impossible to comply with requirement that you had to add tiny (easily defeat-able) serial numbers on the firing pins, to stamp every bullet casing. Even revolvers (which don't eject shells). The technology to do this doesn't exist, and the California Supreme Court ruled, "the inability to comply with the law is no excuse to repeal it". Seriously. That's California in a hypo-allergenic nutshell. The result? No pistols has been added to the roster since 2013, and these kinds of legislative gymnastics are not considered to be hampering the rights of gun owners? If you tried to put 1/10th those restrictions on illegal immigrants voting or getting taxpayer subsidies (welfare), and Californians would scream bloody murder about suppression.
    • They tried to outlaw lead ammo, to drive up costs -- but that was ruled against.
    • So they require a background check to get ammo: which made a black market for running it from other states.
    • They say you can't have gun shops, or own/carry a gun, within 1500' or within sight of a school.
    • They re-label standard pistols carried by cops and civilians as an assault weapons (more than 9 rounds).
    • You can't transport a weapon legally, if your car has fold-down seats, since that means the gun is accessible from the drivers compartment.
    • If you have the magazine loaded in the glovebox, and the gun locked in the trunk, it's considered a loaded gun, because the magazine is a piece of the gun, and it has bullets in it.
    • California Gunpocolypse - In 2016, California passed many gun-grabbers dream laws: phased in tyranny over the next couple years. If you want to know why gun advocates have a problem with "reasonable" gun laws, you have to look no further than California, and their legislators versions of "reasonable". Not one of these new laws will help in shooting or mass shootings in any way, or gun safety, they only show raw, naked contempt for gun owners and the second amendment, in ways that will hurt the innocent, waste millions of dollars in legal fights, and eventually lose. But that doesn't slow them down from passing them. And that's why the NRA exists, and informed gun owners have contempt for what sounds reasonable to the uninformed.


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    • Supply THREE copies of the gun to be tested, and pay a fee. (Penal Code 31905)
    • Fees are set at Title 11 of the California Code of Regulations, Section 4072 (11 CCR 4072) at $200 per model to initially get on the Roster, and $200 per model per year to remain on the Roster.