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My wife spent like $500 (and a few days in class) getting her notary. Well, sorta. She spent that to get trained, passed the test, and go everything she needed. She had a couple friends in Real Estate, and figured she could help them out by freelancing on the side, and helping to get mortgages signed, so why not? Then she files the paperwork at the county recorder's office.

  • Bureaucrat, "I'm sorry ma'am, but you can't file the paperwork, because you don't have a valid California Drivers License".
  • Wife, "I'm a resident, have an address, I have a valid Texas License and a Passport, and the ID requirements just say valid State Photo ID, not California license. Texas is a valid State Photo ID".
  • Bureaucrat, "I'm sorry ma'am, but we require a California license".
  • Wife, "I just went through the training, took a test, and have the paperwork right here, it says valid State photo ID. It does NOT say only this State's ID (California Drivers License). And I'm a legal resident of this State, but work out of Texas and have a house there too, so kept that License for my job. It will take 12 weeks to get a California ID, and the paperwork expires in 4 weeks".
  • Bureaucrat, "I'm sorry ma'am, but that's not our problem".
  • Wife, "can you point to anything that says it requires a California ID and not just a valid ID issues from any State?"
  • Bureaucrat, "I'm adding you to a list to the other recorders in the area so you will not be allowed to get your notary unless you show a valid California ID, no matter what any paperwork says. Goodbye".

My wife is a flight attendant, so lives by the maxim of being nice to service workers (because they have sucky jobs and can be helpful, if you're nice). Plus she's generally a nice person overall. But that doesn't work, if they're just assholes. So my wife leaves, and calls that place that she took her Notary test with.

They said, "that Lady is wrong, we have the paperwork right here, and we've been doing it for years. Let us look into this".

They call back a few hours later. And said,

  • "We called the Secretary of State... and checked with them. They said the Bureaucrat was wrong.
  • We called the Bureaucrat, and she told us she didn't care.
  • So we had the Secretary of State call the Bureaucrat and explain that she was wrong.
  • The bureaucrat said she still doesn't care, and will not change her policies to allow you to get your Notary until you show a California Drivers License.
  • The Secretary of State threatened her, but she said she's a few years from retirement, so would love to be fired, then she could sue. The Secretary of State backed down.
  • Basically we give up. We'll refund your money, because that crazy Nazi Bitch doesn't care about the law, her job, or what the policy says, she prefers fucking with people and wasting everyone's time". (Only slightly paraphrased).

In the end, my wife gave up on the notary and the company refunded her money, because it's quicker and easier than getting a California drivers license and dealing with that psycho-nut-job that is employed for life, with union guaranteed raises, becuase of the outstanding service she provides.


Sadly, having lived here for like half a century (off and on), that's one of the better outcomes I've ever had with State Services. Having lived and visited many states, California repeated underperforms on my cynically low expectations of it, and the worst experiences in any other state I've lived in, still exceeds the average in California. At least I know some of the highest taxes in the nation are going to hiring quality people and providing only the best service (sarcasm).

Can you imagine anyone in the private sector treating customers like that, and not getting fired? (Assuming they weren't union workers). But just another day in the People's Republic of California.

This is the problem:

  • the progressive left wants more government to displace the private sector which was doing it better and for cheaper
  • then they don't want to hold the government accountable for not doing their jobs
  • which makes people distrust government
  • then they whine about all the paranoids that don't trust an incompetent and corrupt government
  • and they attack anyone as an anarchist or right wing zealot that feels we need more accountability, improvements in efficiency, or anything that would try to help make government do what the progressives promised it would do in the first place

Whereas if they really wanted more support of government, they should be leading the charge to make government better (more efficient) and fix all the dead wood and problems, so that more people would trust and thus empower government, and stop fighting the high taxes for lousy service. The more that one party (especially the Democrats) control a state, the less accountability and worse it will perform. Look at Democrat havens like California, Chicago, Detroit, D.C. and so on.

If I had any examples of the left actually fighting to help make people's lives better, I might believe their dogma: but if this is the best they can do (incompetence and cronyism), then it only proves that they're not competent to run a cracker stand, let alone a city or state economy.


The land of intolerance, hypocrisy and progressivism... but I repeat myself. This article lists some examples of the intolerance, incompetence, and progressivism that has come to exemplify the Golden State. (NOTE: While the Golden State once referred to the color of the dried grass hills so common in California, it now refers to the vagrant urine covered streets of San Francisco or L.A.)

Written: 2014.10.20