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Chris Matthews, he's ignorant, dishonest, and holds 34 honorary degrees, and one real one (liberal arts). A female assistant producer on his CNBC show (circa 1999) accused him of sexual harassment, and Matthews was reprimanded and she was awarded a $40,000 settlement. Since few have been as partisan, made as many mistakes or gaffs, and he was a sexual harasser, he's of course been the recipient of many leftist accolades in journalism.

Examples: Matthews : 1 items

Chris Matthews on Guns -
(D) polemic for NBC, MSNBC - so much dumb:
  • Uses Everytown for Gun Safety debunked fraudulent numbers
  • Didn't know about NRA gun safety programs
  • Doesn't know the basics of the gun control laws we have (or that the NRA and others support)

There are 3 faces of Chris on Guns: Ignorant, Liar, or both.

He helped many Democrat campaigns, wrote speeches for Jimmy Carter, a man not exactly known for his command of the English Language. Matthews describes himself as a centrist, while his shows were known for equal parts exuberant praise and softball questions for progressives, and frequent condemnation and challenges for conservatives. Though to be fair, he would sometimes criticize the left, for not being left enough, which is likely where his "centrism" self-image comes from.

Matthews was an immediate fan of Barack Obama and during the 2008 Presidential election speech, commenting how much he loved Obama's speech he said, "I felt this thrill going up my leg." That's the kind of centrist conservatism that Salon and Media Matters called him the "most conservative voice" on MSNBC (which is sort of like being called the nicest of Hitler's Henchmen). That quip became an instant meme that haunted him as it made it sound like he wanted to consummate his bromance with BO, and he's been asked or taunted with his own words ever since.


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