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2018 - Nora Hamada and Megan Giller applied to the Unicode Consortium for an emoji to represent birth control pills. They thought it was the first "Birth Control" emoji, but a condom company beat them to that, by a few years, and was also rejected. Durex (Condom maker) applied for a condom emoji back in 2015, but it was rejected. The thought police might have felt it was too racy or commercialized. Now people just use this one instead: ☔.

If you want to see how stupid we are becoming, you need look no further than Emoji. Not just that comic hieroglyphics are becoming the new way to communicate because reading is hard. It's that the PC-thought police intrude on language in a way that Orwell warned about in 1984: truthspeak, double-speak and so on, are all real. Some examples include: Facebook war on Emoji, Handgun Emoji, Unicode, I Am A Witness, and so on. Each of these tweaks is relatively harmless... but additively they change the lexicon, pervert the language, and make the meanings of things we say today, mean something completely different in the future. That's not a good thing.



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