Conspiracy Theories

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The left (BlueAnon) and right both have some conspiracy theories. The left loves to associate QAnon with the right, which isn't quite true -- they are anti-left (generally), but they are definitely not establishment right or mainstream. Heck, the CNN watchers and Blue folks seem to know more about QAnon from their FakeNews sensationalizing it, than the right knows of them. Meanwhile, the left is, as usual, accusing the other side of doing what they do.

Leftist Conspiracy Theories

  • Black Lives Matters = there's a conspiracy by cops to kill unarmed black men, Trayvon Martin and most of the blacks killed were innocent guys shot for no other reason than being black.
  • Russiagate = Trump colluded with Russia, the Steele pee-pee dossier was real, Trump was a Russian asset, Trump committed felony obstruction to hide his collusion, Russian Money Laundering, Russian Bounties on U.S. Soldiers [1]
  • Brett Kavanaugh = Who paid Brett Kavanaugh's debts? His Gang rape.
  • Why did Justice Kennedy resign?
  • Immigration: Detention centers are concentration camps, Immigrants were forced to drink out of toilets,
  • Capitol riot was planned by Republicans (or Republicans/Capitol police collaborated)
  • Melania = Where's Melania, She has a body double,
  • Antifa Conspiracy Theory - basically, that because both RT and Alt-Right reported on Antifa violence, that it all a conspiracy to "Skew the narrative"
  • Trump won't leave if he loses -- that was a trope for a while.
  • Birth of Birthers - the Hilary invented (sensationalized) idea that Obama wasn't born in America. It did eventually spread to the right... but it got their from the left.
  • Trump = Very Fine People Hoax, he owns stock in Hydroxychloroquine, he said that vets who died were suckers and losers
  • CPAC stage is a Nazi Dog Whistle
  • Democrats that voted against certifying Ohio's electoral votes (2004), and are still in office: Jim Clyburn, Danny Davis, Raul Grijalva, Alcee Hastings, Sheila Jackson Lee, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Ed Markey, Jan Schakowsky, Bennie Thompson, Maxine Waters
  • Anti-Science Party = the right is the anti science party... except for all these.


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