Corporate Feudalism

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Imagine a world where corporations not only control governments through lobbying and corruption, but through subverting government by inventing laws, that they force on the people. If you ask the left and right if this is a good idea, they will generally agree "no". But the left holds no value higher than getting their way. Ask them whether a company should be able to selectively censor conservatives or "hate speech" (as defined by not fitting their group-think of the day), or whether they should be able to circumvent the 1st amendment, 2nd, 4th, 9th, 10th, and so on, and they will say "sure". Ask whether you should be able to do any of the same to progressive individuals, or some intersectional victim of the day, and they will scream, "No!". There's no ethics like "no ethics". I offer examples below.


In case you doubt that it's happening, or the left approves, remember the following examples:

  • Global Warming: the left actively championed both that the government should act to violate the 1st amendment and suppress and punish anyone who knows more than them and disagrees with them on anthropogenic global warming. And if the government won't act, and consider this hate speech, they championed and created activist groups to press Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, and so on, to just create their own laws, and censor or punish those people -- as well as Dox them: give out their real identities so mob justice (lynch mobs) can finish the job.
  • The ACLU backed off of their charter: defending civil liberties, including the 1st and 2nd amendments. Nary a leftist complained.
  • When the far-left couldn't get what they wanted through the law (unreasonable gun regulations), because the 2A and Constitution was in their way, the activists just pushed publicly traded corporations to started re-inventing law on their own. They did things like invent their own age limits on gun sales, stop issuing insurance (under pressure from corrupt government), or other things to attack stores that sold guns. Imagine if racist or other bigots (besides hoplophobes) pressured stores into doing some special interests agenda, like not selling to illegal immigrants, or the LGBT community. [1]
  • When Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon, and others, decide to target individuals they don't like, on the same day (Alex Jones), or they mass censor speech they don't like by using made up enemies lists (like from political organizations like the SPLC, NYT, and so on). Then they're inventing laws.

This goes well beyond normal rules of commerce, and rules for decency or who they will serve -- corporations are being used as a tool of policy to descriminate and invent law. This is exactly what corporate socialism (Fascism) was created to do, and we've seen how this story ends. If that kind of corporate overreach in making policy decisions doesn't disturb you, then you're not paying attention. Or you're a progressive that puts your agenda above justice or common sense. ,


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