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A far left blog founded in 2002 by Markos Moulitsas that eschews journalism for trolling and far left spin : the Kos comes from his first name. If there's a way to spin or twist the facts to make the left look good and the right look bad, the Kos is there. Like the Huffington Post, with even lower standards and a stronger agenda.

In Martial Arts, a key part of training was teaching people whether THEY were escalating or de-escalating something. And recognizing the other persons, "mode".

There are tipping points where someone's ego is so invested in something, that their higher brains shut off, they go on auto-pilot (fight or flight, or their lizard brain turns on) and they must win, at all costs. For some people, this is hard to get to. For others, it starts at "Hello". But wherever that threshold is for them, if that bit is flipped, they will do anything to "win" (distraction, sandbagging, fallacies, or geting physical): winning=survival, must survive, must win! Once their lizard or Dalek brain is engaged, their ego is running the asylum. Time to throw valium at them and walk away.

That is DailyKos's normal modus operandi. They're so mad at everything, they're just throwing everything they can at you, to feel better about themselves: anything to “win".

Now that's not to say the people that repost their stuff are all thinking that. Sometimes a cheap shot, is just a cheap shot. So I’m only talking about the motives of DailyKos, not the readers/reposters. (And lest you think I’m talking about just the DailyKos, I’m not — there are other places that do it too, but few manage to be in full, “don't think” mode as the Kos).

Look, I don't care that people have opposing views. I kind of like it. You want gun control? No sweat off my back. We'll never agree on the topic (I care about the data and innocents too much). And sometimes I like to argue to show off the research I’d done, and maybe persuade some lurkers who still have open minds. But I don’t really care.

To me, growing up was learning that you can’t force others to change, and thus to not take their wrongness personally. So if you want to believe in the tooth fairy, homeopathy or that gun control works, it doesn't really make a difference in my life. (Especially now, when the majority of the public isn't on the side of gun-controllers). Thus, I’m usually not arguing the argument, but the meta-argument.

The one thing I do care about, is that misrepresentation of others (or my side's) views. The use of fallacies. The disinformation or polarization that’s going on. (Those telling people telling others to shut off their brains, and come to the dark side).

To me, one of the biggest indicators that someone is full lizard, is when they start telling you what you think. If they had any interest in a conversation or listening, they'd ask. But if they won't answer questions, or ask before telling you your opinions (or listen to any corrections on YOUR opinions), then their ego/lizard is in control. It’s the forum version of slapping someone in the face with your gloves. "I don't care what you say, my honor demands that I win".

And that's every thread on the DailyKos I've read.


Daily Kos : 2 items

Kos on the Constitution - Their meme, "I know the constitution said you have the right to own a gun, bu they also said you could own people. Look, the Constitution is a lot like our grandfather. He's wise, we love him, and he means well. But he's getting really, really old and every once in a while he says something crazy and we gotta go in the other room and discuss what we gonna do about him". That sums up the Kos in a nutshell, they know nothing, think they know more than everyone else, and use fallacies to support their causes.

Charlottesville Race Riot -
There's always two sides to History, that of the informed and the other side. The latter may be well intentioned, but if they don't know why something is happening, then their anger, frustration and venting is all misdirected at the wrong thing. Hate is taught, and the left is being taught hate through the media (disinformation). Just about everything the left has raged against (in Charlottesville) shows which side they're on, and it isn't truth. Especially the charade that the Trump is a racist and praised the Neo-Nazi's when he actively denounced them in his first Press Conference.


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