Democratic Tolerance

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Judge a man (or a party) by their actions. Do they do good things, or do they use the other side's bad behavior to rationalize their worse behavior? This article is about the worst things Democrats have done recently. Read Democratic National Committee for the broader history.

Issue Lie Truth
Democratic Tolerance The lie: I’m a broadminded metropolitan lefty (liberal): that’s enlightened, tolerant and open to new ideas, and loves freedom. The Truth: they’re narrow-minded, urban-provincial, progressives. They avoid rural areas, red-states, Christians, conservatives, Republicans and “rednecks". If you don’t agree with them, you must be a “FoxNews watcher”, a Republican, or someone who hates the poor. They demand conformity of not only act, but thought. They pass laws and regulations to stop people from doing anything they think is “bad”, which is everything they disagree with. When linguistic intolerance of political correctness wasn't enough, they invented speech codes.


  • 2018.06.22 The Red Hen -
    The co-owner (Stephanie Wilkinson) of The Red Hen (Lexington, VA) is a Pussy-Hat wearing Social Justice Warrior. Stephanie saw White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders dining at her establishment with a small group (including members of her family), so she did what many far-left hate-mongers would, and asked Sarah to leave because she worked for an "inhumane and unethical" administration. (This was over the Cagegate issue, where Republicans were trying to discourage human trafficking and illegal immigration). Sarah's party left and went across the street to dine while Wilkinson called friends to stalk and harass Sarah's group, because that's what being a tolerant liberal looks like to her.


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