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Diane Feinstein was a friend and advocate for Jim Jones, she got caught with an illegal gun, so got a conceal and carry permit that she outlawed for virtually everyone else (as well as having armed guards). She's wasted her life trying to undermine the liberty of others and the Constitution (around gun control), and when she finally leaves this mortal coil, the average IQ of humanity will go up by some nominal amount. My wife detests the C-word, but allows it for truly vile humans like Nancy Pelosi.


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Feinstein on Guns -
Highlights of her gun control include:
  • A famous picture at a press conference, breaking the first rule of gun safety, "Never put your finger on the trigger, until you're ready to shoot". This became a mockery for 20 years of what not to do. Many other famous Democrats have followed in her footsteps with guns as props, doing the same stupid thing.
  • This wouldn't be so bad except Madam Hypocrite got herself a Conceal and Carry permit (the required training tells you never to put your finger on the trigger), so she was supposed to know better. She's a hypocrite because she's advocated to block Conceal and Carry for everyone else, but answered that politicians and celebrities are special, so should be exceptions to the law. (They're more important).
  • During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on gun control, she claimed her proposed semi-automatic weapons ban would finally make it illegal to hunt people. (As if it wasn't already).
  • Ted Cruz asked her a loaded question about whether her contemptuous arguments agains the 2nd Amendment also applied to the First, and she had a hissy fit and ranted about what she knew about guns (and made a half dozen lies/errors about guns), then lectured Ted Cruz on the Heller ruling and the Constitution. Ted Cruz, is not only a Constitutional Lawyer (unlike her), but he was the one that drafted the Amicus Brief that was used to argue and win the Heller decision she was erroneously lecturing him on. Since her base doesn't know much, it didn't cost her much with her voters -- but anyone with a clue groaned and laughed at her ignorance.
  • During 1994 Feinstein authored the Clinton-Era Assault Weapons Ban and claimed it didn't go far enough in restricting firearms, "If I could have banned them all -- 'Mr. and Mrs. America turn in your guns' -- I would have!" -- then she argues that, "nobody wants to take your guns, we just want REASONABLE gun-control". And wonders why people don't trust her?

Hypocrisy on Immigration

This article demonstrates her willingness to lie to the publics faces, about anything. [1]


She's old-school nasty hyper-partisan far-lefty, that reduces the quality of any place she visits. And those are her best qualities.


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Written 2013.03.18