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A list of articles on Trump, his scandals (real and imagined). My goal isn't to cheerlead or slam, but I am anti-establishment and have the most interest in the parts of the story that the media/left has omitted, and giggle at cry-bullies getting their comeuppance. That's probably too much nuance for many, as anything but rabid attacks make many think I'm a Trump lover. While I wish he was a better behaved champion and didn't get in the mud with the pigs, but if he didn't, he'd be Mitt Romney and he'd likely lose. So they despise him for doing what they do back to them. I don't like either of them, but I like the one fighting for individuals more than the ones fighting to oppress them.

Issue Lie Truth
Donald Trump He’s a a dumb, racist/bigot/homophobe, liar, that hates immigrants and encourages violence in his rally’s. The obnoxious billionaire is smarter than Obama. Anti-ILLEGAL immigrant. He married and hired more immigrants and than Hillary and Sanders combined. He's less racist than Obama. Anyone that cares about violence is either more livid with the Democrats for paying thugs to disrupt Trump rallies, than at Trump for saying he'll pay the legal fees of anyone defending themselves against one, or they're hypocrites who can be ignored.

Trump Accomplishments

Trump Accomplishments : 2 items

  • Trump Domestic Policy - Trump's Domestic Policy can be summed up as:
    • Reduction in federal taxes and regulations, resulting in 3.5% unemployment (lowest in history)
    • ObamaCare's damage was mitigated (eliminate mandate)
    • Appoint Constitutionalist Judges (empower individuals and States) - 2 Supremes, 53 federal appeals, 144 District Courts, 20 specialty.
    • Abortion: against the radical left's extreme positions on full term abortions and encroaching on religious freedoms by forcing others to do them and pay for it.
    • Prison reform (end falsely accused/imprisoned)
    • Pulling us out of the doomed-to-fail Paris Climate Accord, exceeded it's requirements (while Europe failed to live up to it), and we got Energy Independence instead.
    • Reorganization of Veterans Affairs.
    • COVID: Put travel bans on China, Iran, EU. Paycheck Protection Program, and pulled us out of perpetual lockdown that Democrats and their media advocated for - which kept the U.S. economy from collapsing under the Democrats Wuhan Virus response
    • Immigration: Completed more than 300 miles of the Border Wall, that Democrats promised they would do since the 1980's. deals with Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala have helped stem a flow of illegal entries into the United States.
    • Replaced NAFTA w/United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement
    • Instead of cow-towing to Blue Bubble of FakeNews and progressive activism masquerading as the Tech Elite, he's willing to take them on, and get them to expose who they are (Marxists in Beanies), and what they believe in (bias, censorship, intolerance/contempt for mainstream views).
  • Trump Doctrine - Trump's Foreign Policy can be summed up as:
    • Reduction in foreign entanglements and bring troops home (pulled us out of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan).
    • Pressured our allies to pay more for our protection and to start raising their own defense spending (NATO)
    • Reduction in foreign aid, especially subsidizing countries that hate us (including the U.N.)
    • Reduced our participation in the Muslim Communist Front known as the U.N., including telling the WHO to piss off when they shilled for the Chinese and made the Pandemic worse.
    • Used that savings to increase our military spending from $600B to $738B
    • Raise sanctions and diplomatic pressure on "bad" actor nations (China, Cuba and Iran - tearing up bad deals and Killing Terrorist Mastermind Gen. Qasem Soleimani, North Korea, Russia with giving Ukraine Weapons, Mexico with illegal immigration/drugs)
    • Working to end unfair trade to restore free trade: reworking NAFTA (USMCA), ended TPP and renegotiated with China (promised for the UK and EU next), got us out of the WTO.
    • Syria: Destroyed the ISIL/Islamic State caliphate that rose under Obama, killed its terrorist chieftain, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi then destroyed Russian mercenaries that attacked U.S. troops. Last ISIS village fell on 03.23.2019
    • Recognizing Jerusalem as capital of Israel and moving our Embassy there (after 40 years of empty promises). (As well as recognizing the Golan Heights as part of Israel now).
    • Help us become energy independent (no longer reliant on the Middle East).
    • Worked towards peace in the Middle East (deals between Israel and UAE, Saudi Arabia, and many other muslim countries).

Orangeman Bad


This can be summed up as the left doesn't like Trump because he's a Republican that stands up to them. It's not because of the things they claim, and we know that because they excuse their side doing worse:

  • Not because he's a caustic/abrasive New Yorker, they love far worse Polemic Democrats on their side, including Bloomberg, Clinton, Cuomo, de Blasio, Schumer, not to mention FDR, Teddy Roosevelt, and other loudmouthed New Yorkers from history.
  • Not because of his tone, they love their Polemics and bombasts, and will say things like, "Trump is so obnoxious... I saw it on Samantha Bee, Rachel Maddow, after watching a Michael Moore movie".
  • Not because of his exaggerations (they call lies), as they love their own liars.
  • Not because of his sexism (their complaints of Trump's sexual assaults are nothing in comparison to just about any of the Democrats in Gropegate.
  • Even if they are misinformed by their echo-chamber to believe he's a Is Trump a racist?, or a Homophobe, insulted a disabled reporter, it's not really about any of that: they excuse their side for dressing in blackface and telling off color gay jokes, and worse.

No, they hate him because he's a traitor. He's a Democrat, that uses all their favorite techniques, and still stands up to them. They want to control the language, and he ignores their hand waiving and just calls them on their bullshit. Now I've said that if the left didn't have Double Standards they wouldn't have any standards at all. So they keep inventing scandals to create an echo chamber, that he's the worst President ever -- while ignoring that their side is doing worse. They are the least introspective people since the vampire went into a hall of mirrors, and they don't even realize that they hate him BECAUSE he is a reflection of everything they are.

Trump nothingburgers


These nothingburgers are examples of fake scandals, or things the Press had histrionics over that either turned out to be exaggerated, false, or things that the Democrats have been worse on.

  • 💩 covfefe - when a typo in a tweet becomes a reason to mock Trump (or anyone you don't like), you know the opposition has nothing more material to bitch about.
  • 💩 Russiagate - this long lingering fake news story is all over the place. It started with Clinton/Democrats colluding with and paying Russians for a fake dossier, then claiming Trump was colluding with the Russians to do what the Clinton's or Kennedy actually did (which isn't a crime by the way). They used that to spy on the Trump campaign -- then said Trump was lying when he said he was spied on. Then they parlayed that into a fake investigation that uncovered nothing but the Democrats abuse of power, and the deep state working with them.
  • ⬆ Got us out the Paris Climate deal, that was a fraud all along. The Press admitted it was a nothing burger, but made a stink because Trump got us out. Then quietly admitted he was right all along: it did nothing for the environment, cost us a fortune to stay in it, and leaving gave us more leverage than staying. [1]
  • 💩Stock Market Destruction - None other than the economic oracle of the left, Paul Krugman, predicted that if Trump won, that markets would crash and never recover. If you make a public proclamation, I expect a public apology.... still waiting. [2]
  • 💩Trump a racist? - almost every story about Trump being a racist is bullshit. First the media exaggerates his sloppy comments against ILLEGAL immigration into hating all Mexicans, or his America First policies into xenophobia. Being insensitive to everyone is not racism.
  • 💩Trump is a homophobe - almost every story about Trump hating gays is deluded. Trump openly hires gays, welcomes them in his administration, he even had prominent gays at the Republican convention. That doesn't mean gay activists have to agree with every policy, or that Trump is for every implementation of a progressive idea to divide us (based on identity politics) like Trans bathrooms, or the military paying for sex changes, and so on. But there's a vast difference between disagreeing on LGBTQ policy, and being homophobic! The media showed themselves to be the opposition party, and not journalists.
  • 💩 Trump insulted a disabled reporter - if you believe that Trump mocked a disabled reporter, then you prove the media duped you. The informed know that Trump caught the media lying about history and something he said, and they distracted by pretending a gesture he'd made on many other occasions was mocking a reporter who lied about him.
  • Winning the election after so many mocked him and his supporters, Donald Trump won. I might not have voted for Trump, but I predicted that the media and pollsters and leftist cheerleaders were wrong (I just wasn't sure if it was by enough to swing the election or not), and I sure didn't want to say "President Clinton" again.
  • Taking down the Clinton (and Bush) Dynasties. Whether you like him or not, Hillary was the establishment (as was Jeb Bush). Despite Clinton's money, marketing machine, deep state and establishment support, more money, corrupt Democrat party, dirty tricks, smear campaign, and allies in the media, she lost. Beating the Clinton and Bush dynasties alone, should give anyone hope that America is not run by a corrupt cronyism.
  • 💩Trump: Resist Obstruct Delay timeline - I might not have voted for Trump, but I didn't vote for Hillary either (I disliked them both). Trump could get on my nerves, if the other side wasn't getting on my nerves more. Every time they overstate something, pretend that Trump is Hitler, have Pussy-Hat protests or do other stupid things, they turn me against them. I warned early that the Trump haters should keep their powder dry, and go after him when he does overreach, but they're so busy trying to scream up every minor offense, that they'll be the boy who cried wolf when anything serious comes along.



  • 💩John McCain - John McCain dies, it's Donald Trump's fault. OK. Not really, but the Press (and McCain's) classless turned his death into a #Resist movement rally, with political attacks, and very little about John McCain, other than proving he was a small, bitter politician, that wanted to take shots at a President he didn't like, rather than celebrate his own accomplishments, or discuss the poignant fragility of life.
  • 💩Cagegate - Dems live by the credo, when you don't have good talking points, just change your talking points whenever the last one gets caught in a lie. They change talking points a lot. One was about how under Trump we started breaking apart immigrant families and keeping kids in cages. The fact that it was all lies doesn't bother the Dems/Media. When Dems were asked about this Obama era policy, or how they got caught making up severity of the problem, they repeated the lie ("Good countries don't separate families"), or changed the topic.
  • 💩Letter to Teacher - The Whitehouse responded to a teacher about her questions on Parkland and shooting, and she miscorrects him to try to prove that he's an idiot. Only her lack of research, and erroneous corrections showed who the idiots are: her and those who repeated her miscorrections without noticing they were wrong (and fit the same style that Obama and Clinton used). But if your base is partisans, things like facts won't matter.
  • 💩Animal-gate - Replying to a question about MS13 (a violent immigrant gang), Trump referred to the gang as "some of these people are animals", and the far left (like NYT) lost their nut and claimed he referred to immigrants as animals.
  • Iran Nuclear Deal - Trump pulled us out of a shit deal made and never ratified by the Obama administration.
  • 💩 Trumps Health - Trump got a physical by the same guy who examined Obama. He said that Trump was fit and mental capable, so naturally the Press made Fake News about that. [3]
  • 💩 WSJ - Wall Street Journal totally blew two stories (no pun intended).
    • They claimed Trump said, "I have a good relationship with Kim Jong Un", which the left used to pretend Trump was delusional (as they'd only exchanged insults). Only this one was taped, and Trump actually said, "I'd have..." (meaning if he had a relationship, not that he had one). [4]
    • Stormygate = WSJ claims Trump's lawyers made $130,000 payment, for silence about an evening with a porn star/prostitute who goes by Stormy Daniels The National Inquirer refused to run this single and anonymous source “story“, where everyone involved refutes, but it met the WSJ standards? [5]
  • Melaniagate - The Stormygate Fake News story, degraded into another Fake News story that Melania and Donald were having marital issues over the non-existent payoff, because she didn't got to Davos with Trump, just because it had nothing to do with her, and she had a prior engagement.
  • 💩 Hawaiigate - Hawaii sends out a warning of incoming missile attack. Totally a local fuck-up, in one of the most Democrat controlled areas of the country (that didn't vote for him, and won't listen to him). Democrats blame Trump for it. No seriously, you can't make this shit up. [6]
  • 💩 Shitholegate - Trump was ready to trade Dreamers amnesty in exchange for real Immigration reform, and Democrats panicked and tried to torpedo the deal. First by falsely claiming a plausible truth (that Trump said we should take more people from high education countries rather than "shitholes"), ignoring that they are shitholes and their side says worse, then trying to pretend that his meritocracy approach to immigration (or what they imagined he said), is racism.
  • Koreagate - I'm not a fan of bluster. But we know that Clinton's strategy of appeasement lead to North Korean getting the bomb, then the Fusion Bomb, then ICBM's and threatening the globe. So I'm not sure I want to play chicken with crazy fuckers, we know that doing nothing (or paying them not to do bad shit) didn't work.
  • 💩 FakeNews - this is ongoing, and there are many kinds. From made up stories, to not doing journalism (checking sources that later are debunked), to just all the petty tripe. But they're all around a fiction of who trump is: International Embarrassment, mentally unstable, Tyrant, Bully, Buffoon, Bigot, Puppet, and so on. It's not that this stuff comes from trolls on the web, it's that news sources reported this stuff repeatedly. Newsweek’s claim that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi “evaded” Trump’s “power handshake”, or Pope happy with Obama, sad with Trump. Or bullying a kid at the Easter Egg hunt. To a Irish Proverb that was really a Nigerian Poem. And a dozen other fake stories. You might not like the term FakeNews, but there's no doubt that there's "not news" being used to attack Trump, only later to have it debunked. [7]


  • Gropegate: The same Hollywood media conspired to time the release of a video where Trump claiming he grabbed women (and they let him), was in moral outrage over such a thing after ignoring Bill's bigger sexual scandals (like creating the "one free grope" rule, and multiple assaults and rapes, and Hillary attacking the victims), couldn't get out from under the witch hunt that they started. While I'm not a fan of his abuse, I am a fan of justice and the hypocrites getting caught.
  • 💩
    Watergate - Trump drinks water using both hands, and the FakeNews and Internet trolls pretend it's Newsworthy or a scandal. While sweeping new investigations into Hillary's role in Russia, under the rug. [8]

Domestic Policy:

  • Tax Cuts - you can agree or not, but Trump is trying to make U.S. companies more competitive by cutting taxes and incentivizing them to repatriate their money, and decreasing the burdens on the economy and working class. You'd think this was end-of-days, if you listened to the Democrats on this. But in the end, there are more winners than losers on this deal. Compared Trumponomics to Obamanomics.
  • Obamacare - was passed in a partisan/divisive way, was an omnibus bill whose primary purpose was to redistribute wealth, expand governments role in private business, and cover a few more people (at absurd costs). It failed miserably on all promises, and the least popular part was an ineffective mandate. It would have been good if we had more comprehensive healthcare reform, but to do that, you first need to bury the ACA, so you can get both sides working on something better. The dems (and some Repubs) obstructed that, but the first step of getting rid of the ineffective and unpopular mandate, is a win.
  • Keystone XL Pipeline - the pipeline that Obama ran on NOT obstructing, but got nowhere (regulatorily) during his 8 years, due to obstructing, was unobstructed within a few weeks of Trump and approved in the first year. [9]
  • ANWR - "All of the above" fraud (Obama) claimed he wanted to help the U.S. get energy independence. Then obstructed the ANWR drilling on 3 square miles of deserted frozen wasteland tundra, in the middle of fucking nowhere (despite the state and locals all wanting it. Once a non oil-obstructionist was elected, it was allowed months later: jobs, money, cheaper gas, and energy independence, where's the downside? If Dems had a clue, they would have traded drilling in nowheresville for protecting lands more accessible and valuable -- but their lack of balance, makes them impossible to reason with.
  • Trannygate - I don't like social experimentation via the armed services, and giving people with severe psychological disorders weapons training and body mutilation on the public's dime, doesn't seem like a wise policy. So reversing Obama on this is mixed. If the media/left had been moderates on this, there is plenty I don't like. But their histrionics turned me against their cause.
  • Gun Control - After the James T. Hodgkinson and Steve Scalice Shooting (the first shooting of his administration), Trump was far more Presidential and better behaved than Obama had been during any of his. Trump didn't politicize it, despite ample opportunity to vilify the other side for their culpability, and he tried to unite us behind common issues, instead of further his sides agenda. Props.
  • Trimming fat, bloat and regulation
    • Gutted the Regulatory state, reversing Obama trend [10]
    • Ended Y2K paperwork, only 17 years after Y2K. [11]
    • Cutting First Lady Staff Bloat [12]
    • Reversing Obama's overreaching Executive Orders -
  • DACA - If you value the Constitution and Rule of Law over a corrupt political tyranny (where the President has the powers to write/nullify law), then DACA is a win, no matter what you think of the dreamers. I'm pro-immigration, and for pushing DACA where it belongs: in the congress. So not matter the outcome, due process won!
  • Joe Arpaio Pardon - whether you think Joe was a racist, tyrannical douchebag or not -- the Obama administration railroaded him (and was abusing power) for a "crime" that few in recorded history would have been nailed for. So while I don't like some of what Arpaio did (or how), stopping political abuse, is a win, even if overall, it's a mixed bag.

Trump FakeNews

Here's a few highlights (70 of 100's) where the leftist media has gotten stories about Trump wrong. The Press enjoyed and abused their monopoly on the megaphone. There's an old adage, “never argue with a man who buys ink by the barrel.” The Press resents that Trump is willing to argue, and win. They resent being called Fake News because they know they've gotten caught: lowering standards, using lies of exaggeration, lies of omission, bias, and outright falsehoods. And so they take his bait, and more often than not, prove him right. They aren't journalists anymore, they're DNC propagandists -- and Trump is the one pointing out that the emperor is lacking clothes. more...



People who were in his cabinet, appointees, judges.

  • Betsy Devos


If you like the underdog, or care about proving the big-mouth establishment bullies wrong, then Trump was a giggle-fest. He fought the law (of the henhouse) and the law-bullies didn't win. So Trump isn't the champion I'd pick, but he is the champion of America that we have. And compared to the alternative? I'm glad we have him. If the left had any introspection, they recognize that they hate him because he uses all their favorite techniques back at them. And he baits them into exposing the truth about who they are and their causes, and you gotta love hypocrites getting caught.


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