Dylan Roof

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The Christchurch mosque shooter, left wing eco-nationalist.

2015.06.17 - Charleston Church Shooting

Dylan Roof (24)
Dead/Injured: 9/1
Weapon: Pistol
🚫 Gun Free Zone
🤪💊 drugs & anti-depressants
🎮 Video Games

High school drop-out, multiple warning signs including arrests for drugs and trespassing, on anti-depressants (Xanax), avid video game player. He was radicalized over black on white violence after the media/President sensationalized Trayvon Martin and other racial hate crimes: and responded to the perceived race-war by attacking back. Contributing factors include games, violence and media/Obama's sensationalizing of racial crimes and shootings.
  • Politics: ❓unknown.
  • Motivation: Racism
❌ Gun Control can't help: illegally bought, used in gun-free zone

❌ Assault Weapon ban can't help: he used pistol
❌ No proposed Gun Control would have helped
❔Maybe: Video Game / Violence regulations
❔ Maybe: Media Suppression
✅ Pay attention to warning signs
✅ Improved mental health policies
✅ Better Security (more Conceal and Carry)
✅ Improve FBI on background checks


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