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* Of course not everything Facebook does is bad. I use the platform, and Social Networking has done some good things for society as well as bad. I'm hoping like advertising that it teaches people to be more skeptical and critical thinkers in the long run. (So there could be some long term net benefits as well as short term costs). The jury is still out. And on a less macro level, I even like some of the things Facebook does or pushes like the following:

    • 2017 - While FB has done a lousy job of FakeNews filtering (and what they filter is just conservative truths they don't like), but then they do some good by fighting even further left governments (like Germany) who want to decide what people can see/read, in the name of marxist fascism. Maybe that's just two socialists fighting over which one gets control of the proles, but it's something. [1]
    • 2012 - Eduardo Saverin, Argentinean billionaire co-founder of Facebook Inc., renounced his U.S. citizenship to save hundreds of millions on his taxes when Facebook IPO'd. Demonstrating the problem with over-aggressive taxes, is a good thing, even if Zuckerberg didn't make a more overt display. But at least it's something. [2]


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