Foreign Countries Pressured to not give Snowden Asylum

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America's (and all countries) foreign policy has always included protecting our interests, directly or through pressure/intimidation.

According to Edward Snowden, Joe Biden and/or John Kerry threatened Countries not to give him to asylum. Heck, all foreign policy involves threats (implied or direct) and intimidation. So the point here is that Democrats (and their medias) histrionics over Trump pressuring Ukraine, while ignoring the Obama admin or their candidate (Joe Biden's) more overt and common pressure of foreign governments, for less justified and ethical things, is a problem for me. There's room to debate whether the U.S. should pressure other governments, whether pressuring over Snowden is justified... but there's no doubt the media/left is handling this "scandal" with a totally different yardstick than they would a Republican administration doing the same thing. Or treating Obama Whistleblowers different than Trump ones. And that hypocrisy is the issue, for those that value justice and objective standards.


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