Gay Therapy

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I'm not a fan of the idea of "Gay Therapy". But I'm less a fan of denial of truth. The facts are for many that sexuality is somewhat malleable. (It's not as black and white as many want to pretend -- as proven by Prison-gays. When there's no other option for companionship, some will switch teams). So there's two things here: (1) Can you convince people to change who they are (including their sexuality)? (2) Should you? If you don't believe in #1, then you don't believe Psychology is real, and that people can change. So psychologists that attack this as mumbo-jumbo, are attacking their entire field. Separately, is "should you"? And that depends. I wouldn't, for the sake of liberty: let people decide what path they want to take. But I extend that same liberty to those who want to follow the practice, as those who oppose it. Pick your own path -- just don't try to legislate it (like Stupid/Hypocritical California does).


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Written 2018.05.29